Amrit’s opinion and thoughts on healthy living with luxury and wellness lifestyle

Amrit: A New Definition of Wellness & Health, Luxury & Lifestyle

Luxury and lifestyle have long gone together as have wellness and health. However, in recent years, there has been a shift, leading to a surge in wellness and luxury being connected. Being happy and healthy have moved up the list as life goals for a great number of people nowadays. This means the generic spa [...]

The Many and Surprising Health Benefits of Walking

With many public gyms and fitness centers still facing restrictions due to Covid-19, more people are turning to alternative ways to exercise. One of the most over-looked, yet surprisingly beneficial exercises people can do with zero equipment is walking. When it comes to exercises that calm the mind, body, and soul, most people do not [...]

Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

With majority of people having to cancel their usual summer vacation due to the ongoing pandemic, this has opened the door for individuals and families alike to spend more time researching where that next vacation will be. In 1964 the New York Times called Singer Island an "Unspoiled Resort on Florida's East Coast," and remarkably, over [...]

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