Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

By Shama Barot|September 2, 2020|
  • Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

With majority of people having to cancel their usual summer vacation due to the ongoing pandemic, this has opened the door for individuals and families alike to spend more time researching where that next vacation will be. In 1964 the New York Times called Singer Island an “Unspoiled Resort on Florida’s East Coast,” and remarkably, over half a century later, Singer Island is still relatively unspoiled and features miles of sandy beaches along the oceanfront peninsula. The oceanfront neighborhood sits just a few minutes away from West Palm Beach in the city of Riviera Beach and is lined with top-class resorts, open beaches, fine dining, and boutique shops. It is the perfect place to finally make that escape after the long months of lockdown to recharge and rediscover yourself amongst the quiet calm of the shore.

Aquatic Adventures

Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

While just about everyone loves sunbathing and swimming, Singer Island has much more to offer than these basic beach adventures. The seven-mile stretch of beaches that line Singer Island offers access to some of the most enjoyable aquatic adventures in the greater Palm Beach area.

If you are looking at boating or fishing jump over to the Riviera Beach Marina Village and find plenty of boat rentals and fishing charters. Anglers love the abundance of tuna, marlin, grouper, and wahoo. More adventurous visitors take advantage of the jet ski, kayak, or paddleboard rentals.

Families with children will want to plan a stop at the nearby Manatee Lagoon, a discovery center that allows children to get close to manatees. In addition, there are kids’ classes and hands-on exhibits to keep them busy and happy. Best of all, the entire center is free of charge to access.

Finally, divers and snorkelers are not left out of the equation at Singer Island, and in fact, have the unique chance to follow the Underwater Snorkel Trail at Phil Foster Park. Divers can discover a dazzling array of reefs, sunken sculptures, historic wrecks, and a diverse collection of marine life that includes tropical fish and sea turtles. Just down the way, is the Intracoastal Waterway that is considered the best dive site across the world. Peanut

Island, accessible via a short ride on the water taxi, offers even more snorkeling and diving opportunities for those who want to see everything the Singer Island area has to offer.

Culinary Creativity

Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the FullestAfter a long day in the ocean, you will likely be on the prowl for an exquisite meal, and the Singer Island area does not disappoint. The chefs in the area are very creative and whether you want a five-star dining experience or to indulge in local culture at an independent establishment, you will leave happy and satisfied.

Perhaps the most charming part of dining in Singer Island is the fact that you can find anything. From Italian food to seafood to gluten-free Mexican there is a restaurant that will cater to your tastes. Of course, during your stay at Singer Island, make it a point to try out Mexican and southern seafood cuisines since both are local specialties, which are arguably some of the best of each respective cuisine in the United States.

Plenty of Green Spaces

Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

To be fair, on Singer Island most green spaces are integrated with coastal beaches, but for most nature enthusiasts, this is simply a bonus. The island sports many nature oasis, including its very own state park. Anyway, who enjoys to hike or simply meander wistfully and indulge in the natural serenity of the land will be perfectly at home in Singer Island.

Pet-friendly Ocean Reef Park is a large beach combined with a park that features plenty of scenic walkways and a natural dune ecosystem. Throughout the boardwalk are plenty of grassy areas, a kids’ playground, benches, and walking trails.

Perhaps even more notable is Singer Island’s state park, The MacArthur Park. Founded in 1989, the park has its own beach and a variety of other natural communities, including a maritime hammock, estuary, and rock reef. The park is a great place to discover the natural habitat of the area and simply relax. Dotted throughout the park area also open pavilions, grills, and an education center.

All-Inclusive Spas and Resorts

Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

Singer Island is home to many all-inclusive spas and resorts that make staying or living on the island pure bliss. Resorts like Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences offer residents the chance to focus on their holistic health while indulging in the natural beauty of the greater Palm Beach area.

Guests at Amrit Ocean can partake in sophisticated mind-body therapies, bask in the warm sun from the beachside or outdoor pool complexes, enjoy a private span of the beach complete with access to many aquatic adventures, and indulge in fine cuisine. The holistic approach of Amrit Ocean allows guests to recharge their minds, body, and soul while also exploring the natural beauty of the area. Contact Amrit Ocean to discover the beauty of Singer Island and spiritual healing today.

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