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Luxury and lifestyle have long gone together as have wellness and health. However, in recent years, there has been a shift, leading to a surge in wellness and luxury being connected. Being happy and healthy have moved up the list as life goals for a great number of people nowadays. This means the generic spa treatments that may have once been associated with luxury lifestyles simply can’t adequately meet guests’ needs. At Amrit’s luxury ocean resort and residences, we understand that there is a deeper need for holistic lifestyle support than ever before, especially during these trying times of Covid-19.

Staying in a place that offers luxury while also being wellness-focused means you will receive greater opportunities to truly concentrate on your well-being and destress from the daily challenges that we are all facing during this global pandemic. Luxury accommodations, like the ones you’ll find with oceanfront real estate in Palm Beach, allow you to be comfortable and worry about nothing except your journey. It also means you have more opportunities available to you and more unique options, so you can truly explore the different paths to wellness.

Amrit has redefined the entire concept of wellness and luxury to help individuals get the best of both worlds. For instance, sleeping in a luxury residence would be expected to be heavenly, complete with plush bedding and in spacious, aesthetically pleasing quarters. However, when Amrit brings in the wellness aspect with its Restful Ritual Bath Butler Service and Sleep Specialists, along with aromatherapy, a circadian rhythm system, and specialty blue lighting, you’ll sleep deeper than you ever imagined possible.

Amrit: A New Definition of Wellness & Health, Luxury & LifestyleThe food at high end resorts and residences fit right into the holistic lifestyle. Experts will tell you food is medicine — when it’s fresh and nutritious, anyways. Amrit blends luxury and wellness by offering multiple restaurants on-site where meals are created with high quality ingredients by skilled chefs. You are going to know exactly what you are using to fuel your body. You can rest assured that you will have a slew of tasty, healthy options that tantalize you taste buds while having a healing effect on your whole being. Feed the body, feed the soul.

The luxury aspect of Amrit’s resorts and residences means professionals are on staff to assist you in an array of holistic pursuits. Are you looking to eat healthier and learn which foods are conducive to wellness? Speak with a nutritionist or take a cooking class with a knowledgeable instructor on-site. Do you wish to increase your mindfulness? Amrit offers meditation classes with certified Himalayan Institute instructors. Health professionals and a variety of therapists offer guests expert assistance, better meeting individualized needs.

Amrit: A New Definition of Wellness & Health, Luxury & LifestyleIn addition to the specialized staff, the wellness-focused amenities, too, are quite specialized in a luxury setting. The Easy Access Stairs App is customized specifically for Amrit, encouraging you to increase movement with gentle reminders and tips while collecting data for your review later. Our properties also offer an array of hydrothermal therapies, with many of the designs and state of the art technology being unique to Amrit.

There is a growing awareness among people of all ages regarding mind-body wellness and the transformation it brings to one’s life. It goes much deeper than a few changes seen on the surface. The journey takes time and can lead to an amazing sense of self-discovery. It’s not a temporary transformation, either; it can lead to a life-time of feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally while also feeling a sense of fulfillment spiritually.

Amrit’s wellness philosophy is two-fold: Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga and the Five Pillars of Wellness. The former could be considered the map to balanced living, whereas the latter would be the winding path.

Amrit: A New Definition of Wellness & Health, Luxury & LifestyleThe Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga comes from a collection of sutras that have been in practice for more than 2000 years as a guide towards a more purposeful and liberated life through thoughts, words, and actions. At Amrit, guests are taught how each limb relates and intertwines with one another. Asana focuses on discipline over one’s body, and Pranayama teaches control over one’s breath. Dharana Includes mindfulness with the help of a physical object whereas Dhyana is meditation with no object. The branches vary from one another, yet they are all necessary for achieving enlightenment.

The Five Pillars include relaxation, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, and fitness. While each of these are important elements for those seeking health and wellness, the actual path to becoming balanced within a pillar can vary greatly between individuals. Needs and challenges also can change as growth occurs, which is why at Amrit we believe individualized attention must be given to meet each guest’s needs, as no two people follow the same timeline or the same path.

The luxuriant accommodations of Amrit go beyond its walls. As a high-end property, our guests get to enjoy being in one of the most stunning and desired settings imaginable. This coastal paradise with miles of beaches soothes the soul with unending beauty, along with offering a slew of other benefits due to its location. Amrit is situated near numerous ecological preserves and parks, making it easy to keep active and engaged. Or, simply go outdoors and inhale, letting the salty air trigger the release of endorphins, making every breath another step towards well-being. The crash of the waves, the lush, green vegetation, and the privacy experienced by guests at Amrit offers a sense of exclusivity while on the journey of self-reflection and healing; the attention to detail at this luxury resort and residences allows you the freedom to embark on a lifestyle of health, happiness, discovery, and wellness.

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