5 Easy Relaxation Techniques

By Dilip Barot|September 30, 2020|
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During these unprecedented times of Covid-19, people are searching for ways to unwind and help manage the stress of uncertainty. Whether you need to destress after a hard day, recovering from an ailment, or simply trying to improve your mental health, relaxation exercises can be the answer to many stressful situations. Relaxation techniques can help lower blood pressure, heart rate and tension amongst its many benefits. The next time you feel stressed or unsure as to when things will return to “normal”, try one of the following techniques to encourage a sense of balance and peace.

Deep Breathing and Meditation

Amrit Ocean Resort | Wellness For Life | Yoga For Relaxation

You may have noticed that your breath becomes quick and shallow during a stressful situation. Breathing like this affects several physiological functions in the body such as an increased heart rate. Learn to be aware of your breath by inhaling slowly deep into lungs and allow your stomach to expand. Extend the exhalation until you slowly void the very last bit of air in the chest and belly. Repeat three times, being mindful of each breath. Continue breathing in this manner, called diaphragmatic breathing. Next, focus on a physical object, concentrate on that object, continuing to breathe, soon all you will notice is deep sense of calm.

Creative Visualization

This highly practiced relaxation technique can be used anywhere, anytime. Find a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, inhale deeply and exhale completely, keep breathing and envision a journey to a place you find soothing, pleasant and safe — your happy place — picture in your mind its full details from the smallest to the largest. Your happy place could be a real place that you have been to— a favorite beach or bridge, a cabin or trail in the woods, a place in your home or a place that you would like to visit, or a fantastical setting you have created — the greater the visualization of details the better. Using all your senses, conjure up the smells, sights, sounds, all the details that are associated with this place, such as waterfalls cascading, the crunch of dry leaves underfoot, briny breezes caressing your skin, the texture of sand against your toes. Feel the positive vibrations in the very air around you, inhaling deeply and exhaling completely, naturally.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Amrit Ocean Resort | Wellness For Life | Exercise For RelaxationMost of us have a tendency to tense our muscles when stressed and display visible signs such as hunched shoulders or clenched fists. The Progressive Muscle Relaxation method teaches you to gain awareness of the two states in your body — tension and relaxation. Begin by purposefully tensing the muscles around your neck for five seconds and then relaxing them for 30 seconds. Practice the same steps moving through your body: shoulders, chest, ribs, stomach, glutes, knees, calves, feet all the way to the toes. This technique helps one to be mindful of body tension, so during stress, you can consciously start to relax those areas and release to a sense of peace.

Autogenic Relaxation

A type of self-awareness mastery, this technique quiets the body and stills the mind. It involves changing physiological functions through the use of two self-directed steps: visualization and physical awareness. In a quiet place, sit or lie down, take three diaphragmatic breaths and envision a tranquil setting and mentally transport yourself there. Quietly say to yourself words or mantras that you find soothing. Alternate with words that bring peace or calm to your body. Breathe, envision, embody. Through each cycle, allow your breath to flow in a steady, gentle pace. Bring your yourself to a state of calm and recognize the sensation of lightness of your body.

Yoga and Exercise

Amrit Ocean Resort | Wellness For Life | Yoga For Relaxation

Movement is a powerful and quick de-stressor. The simple act of executing a basic yoga posture or moving your feet to walk or run takes your attention away from whatever may be stressing you, as it forces you to be present in that moment. It also releases the tension from the areas where you normally hold it: a brisk 10 minute walk, an asana like downward facing dog or tree pose and loosen tension and refresh your mind and body.

Five Pillars of Wellness: The Relaxation Pillar at Amrit

These Relaxation Techniques are amongst the many resources available at Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences to assist one’s journey to personalized peace and happiness. Seamlessly woven into Amrit’s services and surroundings on seven acres of oceanfront, one has many opportunities for panoramic ocean views, acres of green space with indigenous flora and fauna and serene meditation gardens. Experience Amrit relaxation and rejuvenation with our bespoke experience such as Hamam, Thai Massage and Aayush Hydrothermal featuring Hydro-Reflexology Path, Basking Pools, Plunge Pools, and Effusion Showers. Timeless and timely, the journey begins on arrival at Amrit.

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