Amrit Ocean



Breathe Deeply. Embrace Wellness. Live Better.

Welcome to the wellness retreat that you call home.

Wake up your senses and relax your mind and body in one of the world’s premier oceanfront spas—right here, in the Palm Beach luxury wellness residences called Amrit. In Sanskrit, “Amrit“ is “the elixir of life,” and that’s what you will find here. Even the most well-traveled spa enthusiast will appreciate the more than 100,000 square feet of innovative, bespoke experiences available. Amrit’s inspiration comes from its partners, the Himalayan Institute and ESPA, two renowned, international leaders in the spa industry, fortified by the Five Pillars of Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness, Sleep and Relaxation. Our resort and residences offer an ocean of tranquility, where each day is an opportunity for increased peace, personal clarity and balance. Find your way to better living with Amrit’s focus on mindful living and wellness.

Amrit Fitness Center