Sun Angels – The Ultimate Luxury Beach Experience

By Dilip Barot|April 17, 2019|
  • Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences

Have you ever had the experience of enjoying a relaxing sleep on the beach, only to be woken up by the harsh sun, or staying in the sun for too long without adequate skin care, only to discover a sunburn and other unpleasant outcomes later? Well, for your next beach holiday, enjoy a different kind of experience with the help of the sun angels at Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences. The sun angels offer an unparalleled experience in thoughtful care and beach luxury, focusing on all aspects of your comfort, needs, and physical and mental wellness. As you relax and have fun on the beach, the team of Amrit sun angels attends to your surroundings, skin care, and dietary essentials in the following ways:

Curating the Perfect Personal Setting for You

The sun angels ensure that your chaise lounges, sun umbrellas, and cabanas are perfectly positioned and rearranged for your liking. Enjoy a view of the ocean or face any other way. Interact with the sun, breeze and ocean waves according to your mood. Elegant towels and aquatic accoutrements are available for a luxurious on-shore and in-water experience.

Attending to Your Inner and Outer Nourishment

Being out in the sun for extended periods can lead to dehydration or sun stroke. At Amrit, the team of sun angels monitors your exposure to sun and levels of hydration. While you enjoy a carefree day at the beach, the sun angels ensure that you receive adequate amounts of water, freshly pressed juices, and other beverages with special electrolytes to sustain necessary levels of body fluids. Amrit’s special sun products are on hand for protecting your face, body, hair, and scalp from solar damage, so at the end of the day, you are revitalized without any unflattering costs to your skin.

Lulling You To Sleep With the Rhythms of the Sea

The Amrit outdoor rhythm massage is designed to create the most peaceful sleep on the shoreline. The sun angels are trained to listen to the waves of the ocean and the rustling of nearby trees to incorporate them in the rhythm massage. They gently rock you in an aerial rhythm that combines the oscillations of the movement with the sounds of nature to create a soft harmony and unison with your breath and you. At Amrit, you will experience the expression—slept like a baby—as stress, worries, and discomfort fall away with the healing powers of nature and movement.

Eliminating Impurities With the Restorative Properties of the Sun

The clay treatments on the beach combine various elements to create a private or social experience of fun and relaxation: healing properties of the sun to remove impurities and toxins, company of others and a shower or swim in the ocean. Be comfortably dressed in your choice of beachwear after an exfoliating shower. Back in the sun, your sun angel will guide you to select the most appropriate natural clay for your skin type. Once you are fully enwrapped in the clay, go for a walk, sit with a fresh beverage or recline, and enjoy the warmth and sensations of the treatment. Afterward, wash off the biodegradable clay with an energizing swim in the ocean or just take an outdoor shower. Your sun angels will be there to complete the treatment by an application of sun-protection skin and hair care products and a scalp massage.

Providing Other Opportunities for Refreshment and Rejuvenation

The Amrit beachside servers are available to offer you breakfast, lunch and other snacks throughout the day from the organic bistro menu. If you want to take a solitude break, visit the quiet moments garden or check out the Amrit app for the closest outdoor fresh fitness work-out station.

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