Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences: The Ultimate Destination to Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

By Shama Barot|July 9, 2020|
  • Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences: The Ultimate Destination to Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

Statistics show that 75 to 90 percent of all doctor visits are stress-related. Especially now during the pandemic. But how do we combat this? What happens is that people tend to overwork without taking their much-needed rest. As a result of months or years of built-up emotions and tension and stress from the Covid-19 situation, the mind finally gives in to stress.

There are excellent health and fitness resorts around the world waiting to recharge your soul while giving you a break from your busy life.

But Amrit Ocean Resort & Residence is a cut above the rest.

Here’s why:

We Are Perfectly Located

Imagine rewinding on Palm Beach’s beautiful Singer Island, a barrier island located off Florida’s Atlantic coast. Singer Island is a secluded tropical island that offers the perfect mix of nature, shopping, surf, and adequate sunshine for that perfect tan.

You can get rid of the built-up tension by taking a lazy evening stroll along our white sandy beaches. For the more adventurous types, watersports, boat tours, and even scuba diving rank as the top relaxing sports for Singer Island visitors.

Exquisite Eateries at Every Corner

Healthy food is a proven stress reliever. Engage your taste buds with the unique dining scene at our beautiful resort. Vegans included.

When you join the Amrit community, you immediately qualify for the finer things in life, and food is one of our specialties. Guests and residents have access to our wide range of restaurants that offer local and international cuisine’s made from naturally grown ingredients.

Enjoy a relaxed, family-friendly environment in our first-class eatery scene that caters to all styles. Whatever your taste buds desire, you can find it here.

The Best Wellness SpasAmrit Ocean Resort & Residences: The Ultimate Destination to Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

Singer Island is famous for its focus on living a mindful and healthy lifestyle. As a result, many spas are located all over the island, including the Amrit Resort area.

In our spas, facials and mud baths are perfect for detoxifying the build-up of waste and bacteria on the skin.

But if you really want to feel every bit of tension leaving your body, you should sign up for the famous relax and unwind reflexology and deep muscle massage. Our experienced therapists alleviate muscular stress using techniques that target deep-seated tension.

Your perfect stress reliever might be a massage away.


When you think about it, most stress and bad energy cases are as a result of lack of peace. At Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, we understand that rewinding and rejuvenating is having peace away from your busy lifestyle. That is why our oceanfront condos are designed with your contentment in mind.

There are no houses between you and the waterfront so that you can enjoy the soothing rhythmic sounds of the sea with minimal visual clutter. You can even fall asleep watching the crashing waves from your private home. How you choose to relax depends solely on you.

Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences: The Ultimate Destination to Rejuvenate Your Body and SoulHealing with Yoga Nidra

Mindful meditation is the key to balancing the chemistry of the brain. And yogis for thousands of years have brought balance back to the body and mind through yoga.

Yoga Nidra, a common practice around the island, helps to neutralize stress to the root. This ancient art can rewire the major parts of the brain, improving your memory and making you more empathic and resilient to stress. You also sleep better, and the healing happens effortlessly.

Hydro-Reflexology Path

Walk down our specially designed hydro-thermal therapy paths to experience alternating stress-relieving shots of cold and hot water at the bottom of your feet. This footpath utilizes hydro-reflexology technology to leave your feet and legs feeling refreshed while improving circulation.

Replenishment Pool

Amrit’s warm replenishment pools are ideal for invigorating your circulatory system to raise your energy levels.

Poor circulation is a common cause of stress and tension build-up in many people. A one hour dip in our replenishment pools will leave you feeling better than before. But that’s not all.

These replenishment pools also have adjustable temperatures to make the water just right. The multiple self-reflexology points around the pool are also useful for inner healing.

Care Through an App

When we say that Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is the ultimate destination for rejuvenation, we mean it. So much that we offer our clients the Easy Access Stair Guide to assist them in making healthier choices throughout the day. You can activate the step recorder to track how long you walked or ran. And it also comes with a navigation option to get you where you want.

The condos are big, and we don’t need you to stress about missing your 2.30 p.m sauna appointment.

Final Takeaway

Everything at Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences points to better mental and physical well being. After the last several months and surely after the remainder of this year, a relaxing getaway is exactly what the mind will need. If you are looking for a chance to restore your energy or reinvigorate your senses, then Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is the place for you.

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