Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and Longevity

By Danny Silva|January 6, 2021|
  • Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and Longevity

There is an increasing awareness among people of all ages and backgrounds, regarding mind-body wellness and the transformation it brings to one’s life. Healthy habits make a huge difference in increasing longevity and keeping aging people looking and feeling young. When it comes to being healthy, most people are motivated to live and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

With all the uncertainty and stress that surrounds us during these times, you may feel as though everything is out of control. But one thing that does remain within our control is our ability to respond to how we care for ourselves and those we love during these challenging times. We owe it to ourselves to maintain our health and wellbeing as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is well-known for its focus on living a mindful and wellness centered lifestyle, for a richer quality of life. We believe that optimal wellness requires dedication to consistent lifestyle practices, which include mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, relaxation, and sleep. It helps to focus on each pillar and build up progressively to healthier habits.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and LongevityMore and more studies are showing that simple dietary changes can significantly affect longevity. Many health experts recommend a diet of unrefined, nutrient-rich foods. This is grounded in the fact that inflammation is one of the worst offenders in aging. By eating a diet that minimizes inflammation, you reduce the risk of chronic diseases, which is key to achieving longevity and quality of life.

It’s never too late to make a change to improve your health and enjoy each year with vigor. Thankfully, at Amrit, you’ll have access to on-site restaurants, each serving calorie-conscious cuisines, sourced locally. You can also utilize the services of supportive dietitians, wellness educators, and chefs or participate in cooking classes. These opportunities are geared towards helping you develop a healthy relationship with food that reflects your goals and lifestyle.

Healthy Physical Activity Level

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and LongevityAmong all the things you can do to achieve longevity, exercise is a critical component. Making physical activity a part of your daily routine, even in small amounts, is valuable. Intense gym workouts or long-distance running are not necessary. Simple activities like walking, cycling, hiking, swimming laps, dancing, gardening, or even doing household chores can burn calories and reduce stress related to work, family, or the pandemic.

By choosing to spend time at our wellness center, your mental and physical fitness will reach new heights. Amrit offers a set of well-regarded activities that set us apart from the rest and are sought out by wellness-seekers around the world. Amrit offers state of the art fitness centers, covering three acres of alluring, green space, complete with walking trails and fitness stations. With long stretches of sandy white beaches, there is plenty of space to engage in every kind of fitness activity.

Amrit also offers an array of classes, focused on movement. Each program is tailored to meet each guest wherever they are on life’s journey. There’s no excuse not to take in a sunrise or play outside until the sun goes down.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and LongevityThe benefits of sleep have been known for centuries. Unfortunately, even under the best circumstances, most Americans get inadequate sleep. According to the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

The cumulative long-term effects of sleep deprivation may lead to a host of health problems and concerns, including stress, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality. Not to mention the common immediate sleep-deprivation patterns that are characterized by unproductiveness, extreme fatigue, sluggishness, memory issues, and emotional instability.

For quality sleep, we need the right environment and equipment. Amrit makes this a priority with customized sleep environments designed for a better night’s rest.

Boosting Stress Resilience

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and LongevityManaging the stress and strains of modern-day living isn’t easy, but it’s crucial for our general state of mind and wellness. People all over the world are turning their attention to mental training practices associated with mindfulness. These practices can help you cope with stress in a positive way, which is associated with lower levels of depression, which leads to a greater satisfaction with life, improving longevity.

Becoming resilient takes time and dedication. Resilience is a skill you can learn and improve every day. Taking even a short break from the stress of everyday life and participating in a yoga session can give you a renewed sense of health and wellbeing. Amrit offers residents and guests the opportunity to engage in relaxing hobbies that diminish daily stress. Whether you’re at the spa, engaging in a mindful session or sunning by the pool, there are many experiences to help you relax, unwind, and enjoy a peaceful surrounding.

Show Gratitude

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and LongevityThere is so much to be thankful for, even in these times of crisis. Instead of reflecting on all the things that could go wrong, take time to refocus on things that are positive, and practice gratitude. It could be as easy as enjoying a great cup of coffee or talking to a loved one.

Nutrition, activity, sleep, and stress resilience are positive lifestyle factors that promote good health and potentially add years to your life, by slowing your body’s aging and your risk of dying prematurely. It’s crucial that you make informed choices when it comes to these lifestyle behaviors to live your best life.

Let us help you cultivate a culture of continued growth and get you on your path to becoming a more mindful, balanced, and healthy individual. Book your stay at Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences today.

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