5 Ways to Boost Personal Wellness Without Breaking A Sweat

By Matt Rocco|February 27, 2019|
  • Amrit Ocean Fitness and Wellness

When personal wellness is mentioned, your last cardio session at the gym may jump to mind as you consider all the benefits associated with physical fitness. After all, it benefits everything from stress relief to systems support. However, there is much more to wellness than engaging in physical activity. Here are five ways you can boost your wellness without a packing a gym bag or even breaking a sweat.

1. Hydrate

Hydrating is one of the easiest ways to increase your wellness. By simply drinking water regularly, you help your body flush toxins, keep bodily systems functioning smoothly, boost immunity, and increase energy levels and alertness. Staying hydrated will also keep you from mistaking thirst for hunger, which can lead to an increase in snacking and cravings.

Drink a full cup of water first thing in the morning to get on the right track and follow it up with at least eight more throughout the day. Get in the habit of having a water bottle in hand or nearby at all times. Keep in mind that if you do hit the gym or do any activity that leads to sweating, your intake levels will need to increase.

2. Unplug

Smartphones, tablets, televisions, laptops, audio devices … it is easy to jump from one electronic device to another throughout the day, or even use multiple simultaneously. People are saturated with news, notifications, alerts, and correspondence. Whether visual or audio, that’s a lot of stimulation going on, causing emotional and mental fatigue. Unplug and physically remove yourself from your devices regularly to let the mind reset, boosting your cognitive health and decision-making capabilities.

3. Reconnect

Reconnect — offline, that is — with friends and family to give your emotional and spiritual wellness a boost. Few things can match the benefits of spending quality time with loved ones face-to-face. Release a few extra endorphins along with infection-fighting antibodies by engaging in activities and conversations that make you laugh. In addition to the people in your life, reconnect with favorite hobbies. Like to travel? Set up an excursion to explore the local parks or nearby towns. Love music? Check out local concerts or dust off that guitar you’ve been neglecting.

4. Diet Makeover

What you put into your body has a huge impact on how your body reacts to stress and its ability to heal itself. Give your diet a makeover by skipping the processed food, which can leave you feeling scattered and tired, and replace with fresh whole foods, which offer nutrients sans additives and preservatives and can leave you energized and focused. Take advantage of Amrit’s certified professionals on staff to create a personalized nutrition program designed to meet your specific needs and goals, then follow up with Amrit’s IV Vitamin Therapies to further increase your nutritional intake.

5. Rest

Do you know the easiest way to not sweat? Don’t move! Give yourself downtime, engage in quiet meditation, and get plenty of sleep. If you have difficulty waking in the morning without an alarm, your body is likely trying to tell you your system needs to be tweaked. Go to bed at a consistent time, give yourself a full eight hours, and utilize Amrit’s sleep design tools to create the ideal environment for a perfect night’s rest. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, which can cause interruptions to your sleep throughout the night. A good night’s rest allows your body the chance to rejuvenate and self-mend.

Working up a sweat with physical activity is just one element of holistic care that deserves attention. The whole person — body, mind, and spirit — needs to be tended to and nurtured when boosting complete personal wellness.

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