Designed Space Can Positively Impact Your Wellness

  • Designed Space Can Positively Impact Your Wellness

Undoubtedly, COVID 19 has had a far greater impact than any of us could have ever imagined. On our social, work, and most notably our home and the importance of how having a functional home life can impact our overall health.

At Amrit, our interior designers and architects with their unique ideas and creative techniques have carefully crafted our residences to enable our guests and residents to enjoy both a safe and luxurious lifestyle which is one of the most critical steps in their path to wellness.

Do you recall entering a room or space and immediately feeling a sense of home, a sense of balance and peace? The design of a space has a tremendous impact—visually, emotionally and subliminally. Studies show that elements of design can uplift one’s mood, alter behavior, and affect mental and physical well-being. This knowledge and understanding have influenced the architecture and design of Amrit. The importance of a positive environment can be experienced throughout Amrit as an aesthetically pleasing and fully engaging oasis for guests with thoughtful well-focused elements of design, both seen and unseen.


Balance is a key element in the design. Space that is used is as significant at that which is not. For example, open space can lead to sense of peace, like a refreshing deep breath, whereas physical clutter may induce a sense of fatigue. Amrit’s design includes clean lines and open spaces allowing energy to flow freely. This sense of flow, of natural energy, also encourages one to engage with that invitation to move, impacting overall activity levels. Amrit’s walkways are open, easy to navigate, with inviting stairways to traverse and experience the sheer joy of the flow of movement.


A color palette enables the experience of space to soothe as well as energize the senses. A wellness lifestyle connects to nature and Amrit ensured that the wisdom of nature, with her calming tones and organic materials, were infused into the design. Refreshing cloud-like whites, soothing earth tones and cooling ocean hues merge to create a space that blends indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Natural materials like stone, wood, and metals integrated into the design for visually arresting and tactile elemental effects.

Designed Space Can Positively Impact Your Wellness


All lighting affects the body and less artificial light is more beneficial to our well-being. Amrit utilizes the abundance of natural light with floor to ceiling windows in residences and most common areas. Varying hues of light can energize or calm the body. Lighting affects the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Amrit’s state-of-the-art lighting system syncs to one’s circadian rhythm helping to create the perfect ambient light in one’s living quarters, dimming as bedtime approaches and gently dawning with morning light. This natural cycle assists your body to respond to natural cues for a more restful and restorative night’s rest.

Art and Decor

Multiple therapeutic elements of nature abound at Amrit. Integrating the outdoors indoors through décor with flora, fauna and natural materials adds a soothing pop of color and tactile experience. Artistic placement of plants and trees, stone sculptures and paintings reflecting the stunning ocean region can all be quite restorative, creating a tranquil ambiance. Functional décor such as a wood and marble table or a unique lamp created from geological materials are ways to incorporate natural art while maintaining a sense of space and place.


Amrit’s oceanfront location offers the best wellness design in Florida with spectacular views of both ocean and inter-coastal. With the panoramic Atlantic ocean, blue skies, and palm trees a constant backdrop—one simply breathes deep and smiles.

The impact of  good design on overall wellness should never be underestimated. A space that allows positive energy to flow can lead to increased motivation for healthy choices and leaves one feeling invigorated, refreshed and inspired.

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