Amrit: The Unbeaten Location with the Ocean Tranquility

  • Amrit: The Unbeaten Location with the Ocean Tranquility

As the US continues to progress with vaccinations and the end is almost insight, the post-Covid existence is bringing the focus back on the daily routine inclined to health and wellness. The real estate industry, particularly, is more focused on the health enhancing journeys. Buyers are assured of quality of life built with the concepts of healthy living without compromising on luxuries. Amrit Ocean Residences offers peaceful living with its pristine oceanfront location in West Palm Beach, Florida on Singer Island. The foundation of healthy living at Amrit has been based on the five pillars of wellness: mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, relaxation, and sleep.

Florida has always been a popular destination to visit, but it is quickly rising in popularity for people looking to make the move permanent. Oddly enough one thing this quarantine has taught us is we either love where we live, or it is time for a change of scenery. According to the most recently released Census data, Florida tops the list at number one for states to which people are relocating. Considering the Gulfstream weather and extended coastline, it’s no surprise this has resulted in an investment surge with more and more people exploring the real estate market of Palm Beach luxury resort properties. And to be honest, if you have to be stuck at home, might as well make it be on the beautiful shoreline of Palm Beach.

Benefits of Living in Palm Beach County 

Living in sunny Palm Beach County comes with its unique list of benefits. Here are just a few. 

  • No state income tax: Florida is one of seven states in the country that forgo personal income tax, lowering the overall tax burden of those living there. While residents of Florida do pay a federal income tax, there is no state income tax for individuals. 
  • Unbeatable public events: There is no lack of activity in Palm Beach. The place is brimming with public events, many of which are free, where residents can come together and enjoy their community. This includes an array of annual, weekly, and one-time events including Shakespeare by the Sea, SunFest, and Clematis by Night. Expect to hear about arts, film, and music festivals, as well as boat and auto shows and family carnivals. Events can be found often on the waterfront complete with live music and plenty of food, drink, and social opportunities. Holidays bring even more to the calendar with both winter and summer affairs livening up the scene. 
  • Proximity to other major hubs: Palm Beach may seem to be its secluded paradise, but if you’re looking for access to other major cities and destinations, they’re not as far away as you may think. Miami is less than an hour and a half, Orlando is two and a half hours away, Key Largo is just a couple of hours, and Fort Lauderdale is a mere 60 minutes. 
  • Solid job market: This area is a booming tourism destination, which leads to a thriving economy and a strong job market. Palm Beach is also known to be conducive to entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups, so if you’re a self-starter looking to get a business off the ground, this is a great place to set up shop. The community is also rich in business associations and networking groups that can help both newcomers and longtime residents build relationships and keep in the know. 
  • Airport access: Palm Beach has multiple airports that serve the community, but it also boasts its international airport. You can fly in and out of Palm Beach International, which offers award winning shops and eateries, a day spa, and even a putting green. It’s located a convenient 20-minute drive from Amrit’s Palm Beach luxury residences. 
  • Golf Capital: It’s no secret that golf is highly revered in Palm Beach County as it has long been touted Florida’s golf capital. With more than 160 lush, green courses dotting the landscape, Palm Beach is more than a destination for avid golfers; it is home to many of the world’s top competitors, which keeps the bar set high. State of the art course designs takes both private and public courses to a whole new level. Whether you are a beginner or have a seriously competitive game, you won’t have any difficulty finding a golf course – or many, many courses! — to meet your needs. 
  • Cultural attractions: There is no lack of culture in Palm Beach. Check out a Tony-winning performance over at Maltz Jupiter Theatre, a ballet or cabaret show at the renowned Kravis Center, or the newest exhibit at one of the local art museums. Peruse the slew of galleries at Delray Beach then drop into one of the many nearby venues to listen to the sounds of local artists.

Wellness Factors 

Palm Beach has always been a favorable place to strive for self-betterment. How could it not be? The ocean tranquility of the coast, the gorgeous weather, and the overall vibe will all help put health and wellness on the forefront of your mind.  

Peacefulness: Despite the hub of activity you can find in Palm Beach County, you can also find plenty of solace. With miles of coastline, there are plenty of serene beaches where you can take a breath and focus on mindfulness. Engage in a yoga session on the beach and concentrate on breathwork with a calming background of crashing waves. Enjoy the balmy evening with a walk through one of the many verdant pedestrian pathways on either an Amrit property or in the nearby communities.

Beauty: Old meets new as Palm Beach integrates historical buildings into its architectural design, creating a stunning cityscape. Infuse your soul with an art walk and take note of the plethora of public art pieces placed around the city. Creative elements are incorporated into urban design, fashioning a vibrantly beautiful and welcoming feel.

Nature: Nature is abundant in the region and Palm Beach County plans to keep it that way. Local policies promote the integration of native plant species into landscaping projects and encourage nature-heavy designs, so the area maintains plenty of lush vegetation. Eco-tourism is also strong in Palm Beach to ensure the travel and tourism industry can continue to flourish without upsetting the ecological balance of Florida’s Gold Coast.

A Palm Beach luxury resort offers more than a getaway. It offers a lifestyle where you can enjoy the tranquility of the ocean without losing any of the amenities of a city. Feed your soul, spirit, and physical self in a place where well-being is simply part of the regional culture.

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