Amrit Is Building a New Wellness Community at Singer Island

  • Amrit Is Building a New Wellness Community at Singer Island

Singer Island, located just six miles away from the Greater West Palm Beach area, has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. The locale, which is really a peninsula, features luxury hotels, boutique shops, and businesses and plenty of fine dining establishments that focus almost exclusively on serving up healthy meals and island hospitality. Singer Island also boasts miles of white sandy beaches, plenty of outdoor activities for all ages and interests and preserve lands that are home to exotic wildlife. Now, in addition to everything else, Singer Island also offers its visitors and residents luxury living, thanks to the introduction of Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences.

Amrit’s Peace and Happiness

Planning of the Singer Island Amrit first began more than a decade ago, when one visionary developer, Dilip Barot, envisioned a place to which health-conscious individuals could retreat and focus on what matters most: health, wellness and mindful living. However, the economic downturn put a halt on development for nearly a decade, but that didn’t stop Barot from dreaming.

Fast forward to 2017, when, once the economy had a chance to heal, the campaign to sell condos was reborn. After years of waiting and construction, the luxury resort and residences now sits on a 300-foot span of pristine beach and offer luxuries such as an outdoor wellness center and spa, outdoor and indoor yoga studios, private cabanas and meditation garden and indoor.

The two towers — one of which is for residents only and the other which offers a hybrid hotel/condo set up — replicate the theme of the community: Peace and Happiness, and are aptly named as such. The Peace Tower is an 18-story tower while Happiness soars to 19-stories. In total, the new resort will offer 351 units, 182 of which are reserved for residents. In addition to the other amenities, residents will be privy to lavish living areas, private terraces with a view and floor to ceiling windows and doors that allow in as much natural light as possible. Eleven of the penthouse units feature rooftop terraces.

Because Amrit believes that convenience plays a large role in one’s overall mental health, the resort will also incorporate spa innovations, high-speed internet access, Smart Home technology capabilities, and safety elements such as hurricane-resistant windows and doors into each resident condo. Amrit anticipates that Peace and Happiness will be open to welcome guests within the first quarter of next year.

A Life-Changing Condo Concept

Amrit has set out to forever change the condo concept for the better by offering the tools residents and guests need to achieve and maintain a more balanced lifestyle. The spas within Peace and Happiness focus on the five pillars of health and wellness: Mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep. Each of the services and amenities available to visitors is designed to perpetuate each.

Regardless of which tower a person lives or stays, guests and residents will have access to wellness programs. Programs will focus on a variety of topics, including beauty and body treatments, technology, sleep, and conscious living. Every resident and guest will have the opportunity to meet with a wellness coach, who will offer personalized advice on ways to improve life and methods for doing so.

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate Is Booming

Wellness is more than just a trend — it’s a lifestyle. Recent studies indicate that genetics account for just 10% to 15% of our overall health outcomes. The remaining 85% to 90% are influenced by lifestyle choices and factors. With the rising costs of medical care and senior living, consumers are more motivated than ever to invest in health and wellness than they are material items. As a result, developers are beginning to see the value in building or repurposing communities to create ones that focus exclusively on health and happiness. And consumers are buying.

Health-conscious home buyers, especially those of younger generations, prioritize communities that offer access to clean food and air, farmers’ markets, access to the outdoors, a myriad of fitness options and spaces for socializing. Amrit offers all that and more, and from the moment a person arrives. With an increasing emphasis on leading a wellness lifestyle, space won’t be available for long. Contact Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences to learn more about our residences and resort.

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