5 Key Wellness Takeaways at Amrit Resort and Residences

  • Amrit Ocean Resort and Residence

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences offers a new paradigm of privileged living that is dedicated to mindfulness and a lifetime pursuit of wellness. To help guests of our Palm Beach luxury wellness residences reach these goals, Amrit focuses on the Five Pillars of Wellness, a philosophy that helps bring focus to specific areas of one’s life and blend the elements together to ensure each individual’s journey is healthy and joyful.

1) Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment and truly placing your focus on the current experience that is taking place. Life can feel as though it is pulling at us from all directions at times, but it is up to us to eliminate the distractions and live in the now.

Amrit works hard to help you remove the clutter by creating an environment of tranquility and inspiration. The lush grounds, views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the soothing pools are all conducive to becoming more mindful.

Also, specific experiences are available to help you reach a greater state of mindfulness. Engage in a meditative session at the Mindful Meditation Studio or learn about the Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga on the Yoga Terrace. Or, engage in guided visualization while in the calming resonance of a sound bath.

2) Nutrition: Food can be a vital piece of your journey, but, depending on the quality of the food, it can also be toxic. Calories are not all created equally, and 1000 calories of junk food and 1000 calories of highly nutritious food can vary greatly in their effect on your well-being.

At Amrit, you can utilize the services of health professionals who can help you decipher which foods are medicinal and which actually sabotage your energy levels, compromise immunity, and otherwise have a negative effect. Your counselor can also help set you up with an individualized program if you wish to focus on specific areas such as weight management or detoxing. Amrit offers IV Vitamin Therapies and even cooking classes to get you on your way.

The property also boasts four dining options on-site where high-quality is an integral part of the menu. The dishes offered are created from a variety of healthy and nutritious ingredients, made with food that is fresh and farm-to-table. Sticking to a nutrition plan can be difficult, but at Amrit, we surround you with the tools to succeed.

3) Fitness: Fitness is integrated into the very fiber of Amrit Ocean. In fact, the Easy Access Stair Guide, or EASG, is specialty tech created specifically for Amrit’s properties to promote increased activity. It alerts you to opportunities such when stairs are nearby in lieu of an elevator, lets you know when workout stations are in the vicinity, and helps record and collect data about your steps taken throughout the day. This information can then be read by a wellness coach and used to help identify your strengths, pitfalls, progress, and to create an individualized plan that can help you reach your goals.

Amrit also offers over three acres of inviting green space complete with walking trails and fitness stations. A state-of-the-art gym is located oceanfront to inspire you with stunning views as you work out. An array of classes focused on movement are also offered here. Are you a morning person? Get your day started with yoga on the beach as the sun rises over the water for a truly spiritual experience on your quest to a fitter you.

4) Relaxation: Aromatherapy with essential oils, water features, and open spaces are just a few ways Amrit aids in creating a relaxed feel. Even Amrit’s design utilizes elements meant to create a sense of calm, such as the light, airy common areas that are decorated in a minimalistic style to eliminate visual clutter.

Take advantage of the certified professionals on staff who specialize in massage and bodywork. While we offer traditional therapies, you can expect options unique to Amrit to ease tensions, such as myofascial release and the authentic Hamam Cleansing Ritual.

Of course, few things relax the mind and body while also feeding the soul and cleansing the spirit like a walk along the ocean. Amrit offers a seven acre stretch of coastal property, which means you can take as high of a dose of seaside therapy as you wish.

5) Sleep: Getting a quality night’s rest is an integral part of achieving wellness, and a lack thereof has far more negative effects than dark circles around the eyes. Being tired can leave the immune system at risk and can be detrimental to emotional and mental health. Amrit makes this a priority with customized sleep environments that can be set up individually or with the assistance of sleep specialists. Utilize the Restful Ritual Bath Butler Service to create an evening ritual filled with calming scents and soothing soaks. Learn about blue light and how to use circadian lighting to enhance your sleep cycles so you can get to sleep — and stay there — with ease, helping you to awaken fully rested and refreshed.

The Five Pillars of Wellness are far from a one-size-fits-all approach, and a heavier focus can be placed in an area where the need may be greater to achieve proper balance. The path taken to wellness can also be tweaked with this philosophy to reflect the changes a guest is going through and to better fit who that guest becomes over time. At Amrit, we believe it is important to focus on the well-being of individuals while offering a state-of-the-art residential facility to help cultivate a culture of continued growth.

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