Amrit Ocean: A Perfect Combination of Luxury and Wellness

  • Singer Island Luxury Condos, Palm Beach Luxury Resort and Residences

At Amrit’s Singer Island luxury condos, you will find a jaw dropping combination of luxury and wellness as we find both to be vital to create an environment like no other. State of the art technology is met with extreme pampering and access to an unbelievably large pool of wellness options. The amenities will make you feel like royalty while also supporting your quest to be the best version of you.


You would likely expect any Palm Beach luxury resort and residences to be swimming in magnificence. Amrit Ocean does not disappoint. In fact, we have taken indulgence to the next level to ensure our guests feel as though each and every one of their needs are met. Here are five of Amrit’s top amenities to create a lavish and comfortable experience.

1. Grand residences: There are 182 condominiums available that all meet the lushest of criteria. European porcelain or ceramic tile is used throughout the spacious, contemporary home, which is also extremely well-lit with floor to ceiling glass doors. Each residence offers an unobstructed ocean view from the sizeable private terrace and is “smart home” ready. Eleven of these luxurious condos are penthouse residences, which each include private terraces on the rooftop complete with a hot tub and a summer kitchen. All condos have access to services such as housekeeping and room service.

2. Socializing: If you enjoy entertaining, you will appreciate the private social room available to residents, complete with a private bar and a kitchen to fit any catering needs you may have. Your guests can engage in billiards or socialize with a gorgeous view overlooking the pool. If you are looking to get a friendly game of poker on the books, consider using the private card room for your gathering. A social terrace and private BBQ space is also available for use by residents and their guests.

3. Private pool: Take a relaxing swim in the heated private pool or lounge in one of the dayside beds. Services are provided to ensure you have the ultimate poolside experience. Drink in the splendid views of the Atlantic while you’re there.

4. Beach services: If you’d rather be seaside, Amrit Ocean has you covered — literally. Services include cabanas with attendees as well as umbrellas, chaise lounges, and fresh towels. Be sure to utilize the Sun Angels to help you maintain hydration and sun protection. Enjoy a light snack without taking a step thanks to Beach Side Servers, which will bring your refreshments directly to you at your cabana or your chaise.

5. Security and parking: Amrit Ocean offers guests peace of mind with 24-hour security on the properties and valet parking services, along with easily accessible charging stations for electric vehicles. Have a question when you get in after hours? No problem: A concierge is available in the lobby of each tower around the clock.

This is just the tip of the amenities that the Singer Island luxury condos have to offer. For more information about all the luxurious amenities found at Amrit Ocean, click here.


The wellness side of this splendid combination is no less impressive. Amrit has every base covered when it comes to being attentive to your wellness needs. Here are three of the Amrit’s top offerings for holistic care.

1. Hydro-Reflexology Path: This hydro-thermal therapy is one of a kind as it was exclusively designed for the Amrit properties. It focuses on your lower extremities by utilizing hydro-reflexology as you walk down a specialty footpath. Your legs and feet are sprayed with alternating shots of cold and hot water while simultaneously activating reflex points on the bottom of your feet and topped off with a dip into cold water. The Hydro-Reflexology Path leaves the feet and legs refreshed while bolstering circulation.

2. Replenishment Pools: If you wish to give your circulatory system an invigorating jump start, take a leisurely dip into Amrit’s Replenishment Pools. Ease into the first pool where you can expect to be enveloped in warmth. You might wish to enter the second a bit more swiftly as the water temperature is substantially lower, offering a refreshing and cool sensation. Stimulating self-reflexology points in the pools can also further inner-healing that may be needed.

3. Easy access stair steps app: Amrit offers the use of an app that is created specifically for the Singer Island luxury condos. The Easy Access Stair Guide, or EASG, assists in guiding residents to make healthier choices throughout the day. Not only does it calculate your steps and keep a detailed record for you, but it also includes a navigation system to help get you where you need to go. It will offer alerts when nearing fitness-related areas on the grounds. It also will give a gentle nudge to utilize the stairs instead of the elevator, guiding you to the well-kept staircases that are available around the property.

These are just a few of the ways Amrit supports its guests’ health and wellness. Other holistic amenities at the luxury condos include certified staff, butler service to enhance sleep quality, on-site therapists, and more. Check out the complete list of wellness opportunities that Amrit Ocean offers by clicking here.

Amrit Ocean is a slice of holistic heaven combined with affordable bliss. When you stay in our extraordinary condos, you get to live a life of luxury in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable while enhancing your health and wellness with remarkable services and therapies unique to our properties.

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