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Amrit’s Five Pillar Philosophy.

Focusing on Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation and Sleep. This package provides a complete wellness experience, beginning prior to your stay, as Amrit’s Personal Wellness Support System™ designs a Personal Wellness Roadmap for you. Together, you’ll co-create a plan aligned with your goals and lifestyle. You will also receive a complimentary Oura Ring, a wearable device that allows Amrit guides to view your metrics in Sleep, Relaxation, Fitness, and Mindfulness. You will undergo a complimentary Viome /Vessel test that gives insights regarding your nutrition, allowing us to create personalized meal plans for you, and you will have complimentary access to the Technogym mywellness app. This package also includes a choice of complimentary onsite assessments which include: PNOE, InBody, Bio-well and Scalp Analysis with Trichology. A final complimentary consultation includes a choice between TCM, Ayurveda and Functional Health. On top of this full experience, the package features a $500 Spa Credit, priority booking and a discounted rate for additional wellness services.


  • Complimentary Personalized Consultation and Follow-ups
  • Complimentary Oura Ring Wearable Device
  • Complimentary Viome/Vessel test
  • Complimentary Access to Technogym Mywellness App
  • Complimentary Assessment Onsite
  • Complimentary Consultation Onsite
  •  $500 Spa Credit
amrit ocean personalized wellness retreat offer
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