What Does Personalized Wellness Look Like?

By Dilip Barot|March 27, 2019|
  • Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences

Health and wellness are far from general terms when it comes to our residents. At Amrit, we believe personalized wellness means taking the five pillars of (sleep, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and relaxation) and an array of healthy practices, creating a plan specifically that integrates all elements based on your needs and wants.

The Pillars

Sleep is a great place to begin personalization. You may have no problems with getting — and falling — to sleep at a consistent time each night and staying that way for a full night of quality rest. However, studies show that nearly 16 million Americans have difficulty with their sleep cycles, and if you fall into this category, you probably realize there is no single quick fix. Instead, attention should be given to your personal needs and preferences to ensure you are better rested. This may include pillow firmness, sleep position, preferred music, and even scents used in a custom designed sleeping space.

This same approach is also taken to the other pillars. If sweets are your weakness, your nutrition plan may specifically include creating new habits that help you reduce cravings without a sense of deprivation. Not sure how to differentiate between healthy and problematic carbs? Your plan may consist of education geared explicitly towards this issue and how to incorporate healthy substitutions. When integrating fitness and relaxation techniques into your lifestyle, Amrit professionals can take into account medical issues and current activity engagement to set your particular goals.

Personal Levels

The personal levels of an individual play a large part in how wellness is customized. Not everyone wishing to better themselves comes to this decision at the same point in their lives. While there are many therapies that novices and experienced residents alike can enjoy, they may need to participate at different degrees or for varying lengths of time. For instance, an Asana Yoga session may benefit two people, but based on personal levels, someone new to the practice may focus on more simple movements to avoid injury while another is capable of safely upping the difficulty level and engaging in more complex poses, continuing their personal growth on a consistent trajectory. In another area of Patanjali Yoga, a person who concentrates better with the use of a tangible object on which to focus might be guided towards Dharana, where another may be better served by practicing Dhyana, a meditation that does not include the use of such an object. Physical levels aren’t the only consideration when customizing wellness. It is necessary to personalize based on mental, spiritual, and emotional levels and needs, as well.

Chronic Issues

A resident’s medical history and chronic issues are essential elements in personalized wellness. The presence of chronic pain might suggest that certain activities should be avoided early on or that fitness regime might be explicitly created to alleviate the issue. If a person suffers from anxiety or disorders such as claustrophobia, emphasis may be placed on learning relaxation techniques or calming therapies.


A wellness plan does little or no good if the individual is disinterested, which can lead to an idea of being abandoned early in the process. If a person loves being seaside and basking in the warmth of the sun, a wellness plan may include using the service’s of Amrit’s Sun Angels for a late morning relaxation session. Sessions in the Aayush saunas and steam rooms may also be beneficial for heat-seekers. On the other hand, a person who appreciates lower temps may look forward to cold therapy in Amrit’s Arctic Chill, which can increase circulation while decreasing inflammation. Preferred foods, environments, activities, and so much more are taken into consideration in personalized wellness.

Concentrating on personalized wellness instead of a one-size-fits-all approach allows you to give your body, mind, and spirit more of what it needs and increases the likelihood of making your lifestyle change permanent.

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