Restoring Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance

By Gurudev Shri Amritji|July 31, 2019|
  • Restoring Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance

What you think in your mind is strongly influenced by how you feel in your body. If your body is toxic, has impurities, energy blocks, is dull, insensitive, in pain or discomfort your mind cannot concentrate. The harmonious flow in relationships, work life, social life, and family life become the medium of mental irritations, fears, and frustrations.

When your body is tamasic, lethargic, in tensions, and pain, your mind will look for relief.

Immense are the benefits the Yogic system of detoxification has on your body, your thoughts and your emotions.

Now the karmic toxic past that gets built into your body also gets built into your brain center in the form of toxic emotional reactions and self-concepts. You begin to build conceptual relationships with yourself, your love life, family life, and work life. This becomes built into habits of self-destructive, compulsive behavior patterns.

The secret is that most of the mental and emotional relationship problems that appear in your love life, family life, and work life can be solved by removing the toxic, poisonous, (ama) from your body. When combined with pranayama and meditation-based practice of Yoga Nidra, Yoga, saunas, massage, aerobics, dance, music, mantra, and meditation, combined with movements.

Restoring Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance


Fear of pain, health problems, old age, disability, and death are all related to the body. The pleasure we seek as compensation for pain is also related to body. When you find yourself the victim of mental and emotional stress it is because you have abused and ignored your body, your life force, and your prana.

Detox, healing, weight control, cholesterol management, increased energy and sleep, and reduced stress are all benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Everything, every relationship, every situation that ever happened in your life has its beginning in your mind. Thoughts forms produce physical forms. The frequencies of thought forms enter the energy body and become energetic frequencies that impact the physical body.

Each person’s thoughts about other or outer world come from karmic memories carried from their personal past. Each one sees the world through his own filters.

Your subconscious energy does not argue, analyze, or label your thoughts as good or bad, for me or against me. It just mimics your thoughts and creates the same conditions in your body. Every fear you create in your mind is replicated in your body. Your prana body does not question the validity of your fears.

What happens in your body is first created in your mind. This means if you identify with your self-concepts, repeat angry fearful thoughts about yourself and others it uses your subconscious life force as fuel to manifest and materialize those toxic thoughts into toxins in your body.

Your mind’s attention is often engaged by your self-destructive and compulsive attitudes and behavior. It uses large amounts of your life force vitality. These reactions and emotions made you feel exhausted drained, tired, stressed, and withdrawn.

Whenever your mind is engaged in the story of angry fearful thought, practice the Turn-around technique. Reactive, compulsive, and automatic thoughts suction your life force and uses it to work against your health and well-being.


Energy is not a thing. Choice-less consciousness sees form-less energy. The mind sees form as an object through choice. Thoughts, emotions and pain are forms.

The past is abstract truth that you live by. You are not a thought form. Ego is the carrier of thought forms; consciousness is formless.

Your entire life of memories is carried as I AM. The ego mind is hostile to the present, never at peace with what is as is. The future is conceptualized reality where the present is used as a means to an end. Going for the future pulls you away from here. You are here, and then there is a tug of war.

Master the way you think and change the way you experience your life. Unfulfilled past with its painful story of tragic marriages, failed business and wrongs you did are in your mind. Fulfilling stories of the past, of things that happened are dear but you cannot live them, they are history.

Abstract thoughts created in your mind about someone or something is history…


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