Experts Recommend These 7 Tips to Help Keep up With Your Wellness Goals

By Danny Silva|July 23, 2020|
  • Experts Recommend These 7 Tips to Help Keep up With Your Wellness Goals

As the thin line between work and personal work continues to blur, companies and people alike are now prioritizing health and wellness in the workplace. Although the traditional 9 to 5 workday routine continues to disappear, people still spend a lot of time in their workplace.

As a result, many people are unable to reach their desired health and wellness goals.

Human beings should always strive to accomplish making wellness goals, and the road to success does not always mean you have to make huge leaps.

By incorporating the below tips into your day, you can have a big positive effect on your overall wellness.

1. Enjoy De-Stressing

Experts recommend regular exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques to reduce stress. However, something as simple as listening to soothing music, soaking in a bathtub, reading your favorite author’s book, or playing with your pet can help.

Spending a few minutes each day doing something you enjoy can go a long way into beating the stress in your day. This relaxation releases body chemicals that relieve stress and improve immune function.

2. Nutrition is Vital

What role does food play in your life? Think about it.Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Blog

Is food your comfort tool, or do you deprive yourself to lose weight? Whatever your idea is on food, you need to understand that proper nutrition plays an important role in ensuring your overall wellness.

Rather than focusing on the food, you can’t have for various reasons, try thinking about all the food you can have. For proper nutrition, add more vegetables, proteins, and whole grains strictly cutting out all sugars and fats. Nutritious food is the fuel your body needs to reach your health and wellness goals.

3. Embrace Social Support

A social support system can make a difference when trying to reach wellness goals. Most people go wrong by trying to do it alone.
For example, if you decide to start going to the gym, you might be tempted to skip a day or two. However, with a partner, you are accountable and more likely to complete the workout with their encouragement and help.

A sound support system creates both accountability and encouragement. The same applies to your daily life. A support system like a spouse, close friend, or a wellness coach will always help you to stay on track and achieve your wellness goals.

4. Create a Fitness Goal

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Exercise plays a huge role in promoting health and well being.

And sometimes, the most effective goals are the ones that have a date on them. Register for a marathon, bike ride, wellness retreat, or get a monthly gym membership. Choose anything that gets you excited about your health and fitness.

Just make sure you challenge yourself in any way.

5. Go to Bed Earlier

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According to Help Guide the average adult requires 8 hours of sleep for a good rest. In real sense, many people don’t get even seven hours of sleep a day. Over time, this sleep deprivation can lead to a risk of heart attacks, stroke, or even depression, irrespective of age, weight, or exercise habits.

Try sleeping 15 minutes earlier every night, and with the time you will manage 8 hours of sleep. A regular sleep and wake schedule also helps with better sleep.

6. Stop Making Excuses

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Reaching your wellness goals is an ongoing commitment. It is a perpetual flow of choices.

The only way you can reach where you want is by never allowing yourself to delay your wellness goals.

There is no need to wait until Monday, next year, or next week to join the gym. There will never be a perfect time to start those Yoga classes. You have to do it now.

7. Measure Your ProgressAmrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Blog

Measuring progress helps you to see how far you have come and encourages you to keep moving forward.

Even if the progress seems small, pat yourself on the back. Praise yourself for joining the gym, and weigh yourself to see the gains. These small changes go a long way into motivating you to achieve all your wellness goals.

A healthy lifestyle can help you thrive throughout your life. However, it requires conscious effort and commitment and an environment that encourages the whole body health and wellness.

Amrit Ocean Resort combines a unique combination of many wellness experiences designed to enrich your body, mind, and soul. At Amrit Ocean Resort, we place a strong emphasis on the five pillars of wellness which include:

  • Mindfulness
  •  Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Relaxation
  • And sleep

We give you time and the environment to focus on your wellness. Be it exercise, meditation, yoga, or a few minutes of daily meditation; we have it all. We have exquisite wellness spas, the best gyms, heated pools, and meditation gardens to help you fully embrace your commitment.

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