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By Shama Barot|January 27, 2021|
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When people think of wellness, they automatically think of good physical health. However, wellness is about much more than eating right and exercising regularly. Wellness is a holistic approach to health that involves strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout this pandemic, more and more individuals are realizing that wellness is much deeper than what they originally thought. Whether it is focusing on better sleep, eating healthier, finding time to meditate, or trying to be more mindful, COVID-19 has taught us all a new meaning to wellness. To ensure successful integration, Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences incorporates our Five Pillars with 11 dimensions. The 11 dimensions all interact with one another and contribute to one’s overall quality of life. Learn more about the 11 dimensions below.

1). Emotional Wellness

At Amrit, one of the first pillars of wellness we focus on in our programs is emotional wellness. Emotional wellness refers to one’s ability to better understand him or herself and to better cope with challenges that life may deliver. A person may achieve this level of wellness through meditation and mindfulness, two exercises that increase a person’s ability to acknowledge and share feelings of fear, sadness, anger, or stress. Meditation and mindfulness also encourage participants to explore positive emotions, such as happiness, love, and joy, on a deeper level as well.

2). Physical Wellness

Much of a person’s mental stress and fatigue stems from a poor diet. The saying “You are what you eat” is more accurate than most people realize, and everything from your mood to your physical appearance to your ability to concentrate is affected by the foods you choose to put into your body. By eating a well-balanced diet of organic and homegrown foods, you can get on the path to better physical and mental health.

The foods you choose to eat are not the only factors that affect your physical health. Your physical health is also dependent upon your levels of physical activity, how often you undergo routine checkups, and whether or not you use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. By engaging in good habits and avoiding bad ones, you can achieve optimal physical health.

3). Social Wellness

Social wellbeing refers to the relationships we maintain and how we chose to relate with others in our lives. Relationships can either be beneficial or toxic and can either offer support through life’s ups and downs or be the cause of life’s downs. Social wellness is about building and nurturing healthy relationships that bring joy and positivity to your life. It also involves learning how to balance your relationships with other areas of your life that are important to you, such as friendships, careers, and hobbies.

Social wellness is essential for several reasons. For one, when you have a supportive network of friends, you can feel comfortable with who you are in social settings. This confidence translates to other areas of your life. Having a strong social network can also boost your self-esteem, encourage trust, improve your communication skills, and instill in you the ability to better manage conflict.

4). Occupational Wellness

You will find occupational wellness when you find a job that fulfills you on both a personal and financial level. Those who report having achieved occupational wellness claim that their contribution to their companies make a positive impact on the financial health of the organization and positively impact society as a whole.

5). Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is about much more than sustaining a career that pays well. It is also about learning how to better save and manage finances to realize the personal and financial goal. You will have realized financial wellness when you become fully aware of your budgets and financial state and use that information before making any purchase decisions. The financially well person does not go over budget, does not ever feel strapped for cash and does not spend outside of his or her means.

6). Spiritual Wellness

A spiritually well person has achieved peace and harmony in all areas of his or her life. Spiritual wellness is difficult to achieve as it involves developing harmony between actions and values and realizing that a common purpose is what binds all of mankind together. For many people, the second aspect of spiritual wellness is the most difficult aspect to realize, but with time, meditation, and mindfulness, it will come.

7). Intellectual Wellness

The intellectually well person has the capability to open his or her mind to new experiences and ideas that he or she may then be able to apply to other areas of his or her life. The pursuit of intellectual wellness is never-ending, which the intellectually well person realizes. This person spends his or her life constantly looking to improve skills, learn new concepts, and seek out challenges.

8). Environmental Wellness

As a human race, we are responsible for the preservation of Planet Earth and its abundance of natural resources. The environmentally well person recognizes this and takes proactive measures to safeguard the water, land, and air that surrounds us. Environmentally well, people strive to improve the quality of both their immediate environments, such as their homes and the communities in which they live.

9). Creative Wellness

To become creatively well, you must express a genuine interest in the arts and cultural experiences. Not only must you express interest, however, but you must actively participate. You do not need to be a painter, writer or musician, however. Find a creative activity that speaks to you and takes it up.

10). Relaxation

Many wellness experts would not include relaxation as a dimension of wellness, but at Amrit, we do. This is because we realize that one cannot achieve true wellness until they can take time for self-rejuvenation. When you invest in your mental health in this way, you will be well on your path to wellness.

11). Sleep

Sleep is another dimension of wellness we here at Amrit preach. Quality sleep is not a luxury — it is a necessity. Numerous sleep studies confirm the importance of six to nine quality hours of slumber. Our sleep specialists customize each sleep environment to encourage peaceful sleep.

If you’re ready to attain good physical and mental health and wellness, schedule your visit to Amrit. Your life will change for the better once you take that first step.

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