By Dilip Barot|February 5, 2020|

Once upon a time, luxury was characterized by fine furs, sparkling jewels, exotic cars, and beachfront mansions. Today, luxury looks drastically different. Due to increased awareness of the consequences of one’s lifestyle choices, digital health trackers and progress in medicine, among other factors, today’s affluent consumers now view optimal health and wellness as the ultimate status symbol.

Wellness Goes Beyond Traditional Health Metrics

Consumers today — particularly affluent ones — are placing far more emphasis on health and wellness than they are material objects. However, the phrase “health and wellness” no longer refers to the lack of illness and disease but rather to a holistic state of being and balance among one’s physical, mental and emotional health. People today want to be healthy AND happy, regardless of who they are and what they can afford.

Consumers Are Willing To Spend Big on Wellness

Because owning the latest and most expensive goods has taken a backseat to feel and look good, businesses must shift their focus to products and services that promote a healthy lifestyle. Wealthy individuals would rather spend their money on experiences designed to promote physical and mental health and to share those experiences with friends and loved ones. This is evident by the shift in social media content, much of which now flaunts toned bodies and exotic vacations rather than high-dollar items, as well as the metrics.

According to a 2018 report, the wellness industry was valued at $4.2 trillion US dollars, which is up from the 12.8% increase between 2015 and 2017. Though people seek wellness in different ways, there are four main industries that are seeing the most benefit from this shift in priorities: Beauty, travel, fitness, and fashion. According to the study, beauty alone accounts for one-fourth of the wellness economy, generating approximately $1.1 trillion in 2018. Wellness tourism generates the second-most amount of revenue, at about $681 billion, while fitness is close behind, at $624 billion. The fashion industry — particularly the athleisure category — generated $373 billion in 2018. However, it is currently the fastest-growing segment within the wellness industry.

That said, health and wellness spending go far beyond beauty, travel, fitness, and fashion. Consumers today are willing to pay for advice, guidance and products for all aspects of their lives. Take, for instance, the sleep industry. In 2017, the market generated $69.5 billion in revenue, and experts estimate that it will reach $101.9 billion by 2023. What’s more, is that sleep aid medications make up only 65% of the sleep industry; sleep apps, weighted blankets, pillows with built-in hoods, noisemakers and lights are all hot commodities, among other sleep assistant devices.

Achieve the Five Pillars of Wellness at Amrit

Every aspect of Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, from the beachfront property down the amenities, was designed with guests’ and residents’ convenience and well-being in mind. Though a mere visit to Amrit is all it takes to relax and unwind, Amrit’s wellness spa has particular appeal. In addition to offering the standard spa services, such as yoga, massage therapy, and aromatherapy, our team focuses on the five pillars of health and wellness.

Mindfulness is a huge part of what we practice every day at Amrit. Mindfulness, to us, means being deliberate in your choices and present at the moment. Outside influencers, such as work, polluted environment and the negative company can all interfere with a mindful mindset. Amrit offers an opportunity to get away from the chaos of day-to-day living and enjoy a tranquil environment in which achieving the other four pillars of wellness is possible. Those four remaining pillars are::

  • Fitness: Fitness is about much more than looking beautiful and fit. It is about feeling comfortable in your skin and leading a lifestyle that promotes your overall health and wellbeing. Amrit’s spa offers meditation, yoga, and exercise as a path to overall health.
  • Nutrition: Amrit encourages guests and residents to be mindful of their food choices. We make healthy eating simple by offering four on-site farm-to-table dining options, including two full-service restaurants. We don’t just stop there, however. Our nutritionists will work with you to devise a nutrition program that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Relaxation: At Amrit, relaxation is a way of life. If you find it difficult to enjoy this luxury in your permanent place of residence, schedule a visit to our beachfront resort.
  • Sleep: Quality sleep is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Amrit offers customized sleep environments designed to help residents obtain the good night’s sleep they deserve.

For many, health and wellness may be the new status symbol, but at Amrit, it’s a way of life. If you’re interested in discovering peace and happiness in all areas of your life, schedule a visit to Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences today.

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