5 Tips to Stop Rushing Through Life

By Shama Barot|November 14, 2019|
  • Amrit Ocean | Wellness for Life

Today’s society has produced an over-scheduled existence. Everything from work, family, socializing, household chores, and even playtime are planned and often packed into an unrealistic schedule. This leaves everyone rushed, overextended, and quite overwhelmed. Here are five tips to help put on the breaks and slow down a bit.

1. Yoga

Commit to a yoga session daily to slow your mind and focus on the present. Remind yourself how to breathe and what a state of calm feels like, allowing you to cope with the chaos of the day in a positive manner. Yoga gives you the tools to take control and evaluate the energy you let surround you. It helps you take a step back instead of elevating your stress levels and can help maintain a sense of peace.

2. Reduce and Prioritize Your To-Do List

A to-do list is a fantastic way to remain organized and keep important tasks from falling through the cracks. Unfortunately, it can easily become filled with a litany of chores that end up cluttering your day with busy work and eating into your time.

Reduce your to-do list to only a few tasks each day. Prioritize and focus on the most important items first to keep you from scrambling later. Evaluate the tasks you that fill your time with and really ask yourself how they add to the quality of your life before adding them to the list.

3. Limit Screen Time

Research done by the consultancy firm Deloitte shows that Americans check their phones more than 50 times a day. That means that the brain is constantly being pulled away from what is in front of you and must switch gears to process whatever is popping up on the screen. In addition, laptops, smartwatches, tablets, televisions, and other screens can continually distract you from being present in your own life.

Mobile devices clearly play a large part in most people’s lives and can be a great tool when limited to necessary functions. Digital assistants such as calendars and Amrit’s wellness app can record your activity, so you do not have and can keep you on track throughout the day with gentle reminders, giving you peace of mind that one more thing has been taken off your plate. However, consider removing notifications and alerts from social media and other similar apps, which do not require your immediate response. Set aside specific times each day to respond to check on those, so you do it at a time that is suitable for you and not because of a Pavlov’s response to the never-ending dings. Your devices should be considered tools of convenience for you and assist in productivity and quality of life, not be a source of distraction and obligation.

4. Drive the Speed Limit

This may be a tough one. Even without a pressing deadline, it’s easy to speed just to get to where you are going faster. But why is that a positive? Not only does it increase your chance of being in an accident, but it removes the perfect opportunity to be in the moment. Listen to your favorite artist, use stoplights, and stop signs as a reminder to take deep breaths, take note of new buildings or interesting people along your route. Drive with intention and grace, offering assistance to the harried driver in the next lane desperate to come over or the teenager who is new to the road. Instead of letting aggressive driving from others feed into road rage, consider what may be going on in another’s life that may be a driving force in their actions and offer a bit of kindness on the road, knowing you may have just made someone else’s day a bit easier.

Give yourself plenty of time to travel to your destinations, so you don’t have to try and beat the clock. Include a cushion to account for potential delays. When you notice the needle edging over the limit, take a breath and slow it back down. You will be amazed at how much calmer and good-spirited you are when you arrive on the other side when you haven’t had to navigate traffic like Mario Andretti.

5. Stop Multi-Tasking

Somehow it became normal — even revered — to be able to split your focus between multiple tasks simultaneously. Unfortunately, when you multi-task, no job gets your full attention, leaving you susceptible to mistakes and oversights. This can lead to time spent on fixing issues or leave you with a redo, which defeats the point of multi-tasking.

Your life shouldn’t be a mad rush from morning to night. It is meant to be savored, enjoyed, shared, and cherished. Amrit’s team is here to help you slow down and integrate a mindful and intentional approach to your life.

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