12 Wellness Tips to Improve Focus

By Danny Silva|November 20, 2019|
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Though most people tend to associate focus with a higher quality of work, increased performance and greater productivity, improved concentration has so many more substantial and life-changing benefits. Being focused allows you to live in the moment rather than stressing about what you have left to do, or what you didn’t have time to do. Most importantly, increased focused allows you to live more freely, experience less stress and enjoy an overall happier existence.

That said, in today’s world, which is characterized by distractions, it can be difficult to step back, take a breath and reset. Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences provides just the retreat you need to unwind and recharge. However, if you can’t make it to Singer Island to reap the rewards of our wellness services, you can at least put our 12 wellness tips to use to improve your focus on your own time.

Your Path To Better Concentration

When it comes to boosting your concentration, there exists no magic medication or one-and-done treatment. To increase your concentration, you need to change your mindset and your way of life. From avoiding constant sensory input to creating and sticking to a schedule, there are several steps you can take boost your brain power on your own time.

1. Stress Less

Though it may seem difficult to do, try to remain calm even when situations begin to get intense. Remaining calm will help you retain your focus even as your brain tries to give in to the flight or fight response. If you cannot fight the stress, step away from the task at hand, calm down and then come back to it.

2. Limit Sensory Input

Though it’s difficult to avoid sensory input such as advertisements, text messages, social media and emails, you can limit it. Monitor your screen time and set aside time each day to talk a walk along the beach or enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

3. Prioritize

If you’re like many people, for every item you mark off your to-do list, you add one more. This never-ending cycle of tasks can make it difficult for you to concentrate on any one task at hand. To stay focused despite your growing list of to-dos, choose the most important assignments and complete those first. This will give you more control over your schedule and your mind.

4. Meditate

When you meditate, you must clear out your mind and focus on “nothing.” Meditation is not only relaxing, but also, it trains your brain to clear out distractions and remain focused on “nothingness” in an otherwise overwhelming world.

5. Manage Your Attention

Whether you’re cooking, working or bathing, give your whole attention to the task at hand. At first, your mind will want to wander to other things, like what you should be doing or what you want to be doing, but with enough practice, you’ll notice you can remain focused for longer periods of time without even trying.

6. Create a Schedule

To many, creating a sticking to a schedule seems like a daunting chore. However, when you set a schedule, your body becomes used to the rhythm of everyday life, which helps to decrease stress. Moreover, when you adhere to a schedule, your brain can more easily concentrate on your priority tasks rather than become distracted by the hundreds of possibilities for the day.

7. Adjust Your Diet

Both your body and mind need adequate nutrition to function properly. They also need consistency. Feed your body a healthy, balanced meal at regular intervals to prevent fatigue or hunger pangs, both of which can alter your attention.

8. Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

In addition to eating at regular intervals, you should also eat foods that have brain-boosting properties. Foods high in minerals, vitamins and organic compounds, such as blueberries, oatmeal, green tea and eggs, can go a long way toward enhancing your concentration.

9. Identify Goals

Without clear goals, you may find it difficult to stay motivated. Set firm goals for yourself and give yourself deadlines. Doing so will both keep you accountable for responsibilities you accept and encourage you to stay focused on them until they are complete.

10. Try Co-Working

If you are someone who is naturally distracted, try co-working with someone who is a high-performer. Simply by working alongside someone who never seems stressed or overwhelmed can help you relax your mind and improve your own concentration.

11. Engage in Concentration Exercises

You can find a number of effective concentration exercises online. Most concentration exercises require just a few minutes of your time each day but serve to really strengthen your powers of focus.

12. The Art of Saying No

Often in people’s personal and professional lives they get into the habit of saying yes to too many commitments.  This can lead you to overpromising and under delivering which can cause you stress that carries from your professional life to your personal life.  It’s okay to set boundaries and that shouldn’t be something that causes you stress, or shame, either.  This will allow you to appreciate your down time more, value your commitments and yes it does take practice.

The best way to improve your focus is through wellness activities and relaxation. If you need to recharge and boost your powers of concentration, book a stay at Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences.

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