12 Healthy Morning Habits to Gain Everything and Lose Nothing

By Matt Rocco|July 24, 2019|
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Ask any successful person what the secret to success is, and he or she is bound to tell you, a healthy morning routine. Whether you like it or not, the choices you make first thing in the morning set you up for the rest of the day. When you rush out the door without eating, you throw off your metabolism and put yourself at risk for becoming irritable more easily. When you frantically search the house for your keys, you begin your day in a state of panic. When you have to stop for gas on the way to work, you’re bound to continue your day in a rushed, stressed state. Good morning habits can help do away with the irritability, panic, and stress and set you up for success.

Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a healthy morning routine, you can learn a lot from studying successful individuals. Below are 12 healthy morning habits that will help you start your day the right way.

1) Get Some Sunshine

Successful individuals aren’t the only ones to tell you that a little bit of sunshine first thing in the morning goes a long way toward boosting your energy levels for the day — science says so, too. Circadian rhythms affect everything from your hormone levels to your heart rate to your blood pressure. You can control these aspects of your health by ensuring your circadian rhythms are in sync with those of the natural world. When the sun starts to rise, so should you — and get outside to expose your eyes to it.

2) Fuel Your Mind and Body

Most people reach for the coffee pot first thing in the morning, and while there is nothing wrong with a cup of Joe, you should balance the caffeine with water and a healthy breakfast. Bananas, eggs, avocado, whole wheat toast, natural energy bars, and oatmeal are all good for your body and your brain.

3) Drink Some H20

Many successful individuals begin their days by chugging a glass of water. Water first thing in the morning aids in digestion and helps you lose weight. It also hydrates the body and loosens it for a good morning stretch.

4) Get Moving

Speaking of stretching…after you drink your cool glass of water, do a few stretches and then go for a walk. By following this particular routine, you’re working several success factors into your day, including water, sunshine, and movement.

5) Visualize Your Day

Science has been fixated on meditation as a stress relief exercise since the 70’s, and for a good reason—meditation works. Countless studies prove that meditation helps with stress management and mood regulation and that it can improve prosocial emotions. You can reap all of these benefits regardless of what time of day you meditate, but why not set yourself up for a successful day by making meditation a part of your morning routine.

6) Breathe

People rarely ever take a moment to just breathe and reflect on the here and now. We get it — it’s hard to find time in the day to just sit and do nothing, which is why you should incorporate this simple exercise into your morning routine. Whether you lay in bed an extra 10 minutes and listen to the birds chirp or you sit on your front porch with a cup of coffee and reflect on how good you have it, take the time to just sit. You’ll be more productive throughout the rest of your day for it.

7) Get Creative

Once you begin your day, it can be difficult to make time for those things you enjoy doing but aren’t necessarily a priority. Journaling, painting, knitting…if you have a hobby you wish you could do more, do it first thing in the morning. By letting the right side of your brain take control for the first hour or so of every morning, you set yourself up for a day in which you think up and act upon innovative ideas.

8) Make a Schedule

Going about your day without a schedule is like attempting to build a house without a blueprint. You need a schedule to organize your day and to make sure you accomplish tasks that advance your goals. Take five minutes every morning to write up a schedule to guide your day.

9) Pack a Meal

Packing your lunch each day is a sound financial and health decision. Homemade food is healthier than store-bought food and it costs less. You can take this advice to the next level and make your coffee at home as well.

10) Review Your Goals

Everyone has goals, not just successful people. Your goals don’t have to be big — they can be as simple as “get one hour to myself to read each day” or as complex as “find a side hustle that allows me to earn $500 extra each month.” Review your goals each morning and incorporate a task into your schedule that will help you achieve them.

11) Remove all Distractions

With social media, email, and texts literally at your fingertips all day, every day, it can be difficult to stay on task. Successful people realize this and make it a point to remove all distractions before beginning the workday. When you sit down at your desk, close your phone, turn off social media alerts, and keep your email closed when you’re not using it for work purposes, you will see positive results

12) Identify Your MITs

When your MITs — or “Most Important Tasks” — go unattended for yet another day, you may feel like a failure. Avoid this feeling by identifying your MITs first thing in the morning and tackling those first. You can then use the rest of your day to accomplish smaller but still important goals.

Of course, to be successful, you also have to surround yourself with successful people. Join the Amrit community to do just that.

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