10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Routine

By Dilip Barot|March 6, 2019|
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Movement is an integral aspect of wellness. Fortunately, you don’t have to set aside a large time block or carry around extra equipment to get this to-do checked off the list. Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

1. Park at a Distance

Stop driving in circles around the parking lot looking for the closest parking space. Instead, save your gas and increase your step count by driving directly to the back of the lot and briskly walk to your destination. Even with the increased distance, you’ll likely still get to your endpoint sooner since you won’t be wasting extra time looking for perfect parking. Bonus: There are often fewer vehicles farther out, so there is less of a chance of your doors getting dinged by a car squeezed in right next to you.

2. Stand While on the Phone

Unlike the last century, today’s phones aren’t tethered to the wall, meaning you have plenty of freedom to move to your heart’s delight throughout the conversation. Use your calls as reminders to stand and maybe even pace or wander around a bit.

3. Walk, Don’t Ride

Skip the elevators, escalators and moving pathways and instead opt for walking or taking the stairs. Amrit offers guests an app specifically for this called the Easy Access Stair Guide (EASG), which helps remind individuals that there are stairs nearby and offers a gentle nudge to make the healthier choice.

4. Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy in Florida has been gaining a lot of traction and residents of Amrit can reap the benefits of this process right on-site. A nurse on the property can administer an infusion therapy, boosting your vitamin intake. This can, in turn, boost your overall energy levels and lead to increased movement throughout the day.

5. Impromptu Dance Party

Remember when your favorite song would come on, and you just had to dance? That should still be happening! When you hear a song that strikes you, permit yourself for an impromptu dance party and completely cut loose. Add in a little lip syncing (or the real deal) for increased movement.

6. Play With Your Pet

Your furry family member makes a perfect companion when it comes to being active. Take time to play with your pet and get some quality time in while also getting your heart rate up. The pet-friendly Amrit offers a dog-walk area on-site so you don’t have to trek far for an outdoor pathway that caters to both of your needs. In addition to improving your health and state of mind (which has been shown to occur from increased interactions with animals), an increase in daily movement and bonding with you will also benefit your pet’s physical and emotional health.

7. Incorporate Mini-Workouts

There is no rule stating that your workout has to all be done in the same stretch, especially if you engage in long sessions. In fact, it is easier to skip out on workouts completely the longer they are. Instead, incorporate mini-workout sessions into your daily routine. Take breaks every hour or two to engage in a focused activity. This way, if you don’t make it to your full session later, you will have still met your goals. However, it’s easier to keep moving once you have already begun. The chances are that you will end up with a more total minute of working out by day’s end than if you had saved them all for a single session.

8. Set Reminders for Hourly Stretching

Do you find yourself hunched over a computer intently focused on a project for hours before you realize you are stiff from not moving? It’s an easy trap to fall into so give yourself a little assistance by setting reminders to stretch hourly. It doesn’t have to be a huge production, but simply standing up and stretching out your body for a few moments can help immensely.

9. Take a Brisk Walk

Walking is an easy way to incorporate movement into your routine. Set aside 10 – 15 minutes throughout the day for a brisk walk on Amrit’s fitness path. Want to increase the movement on your outing? Take a break at a fitness station now and again and engage in the rotation before moving on. If you’re anxious to get back to work, just amp up your speed and cut your walk down in time while still getting in your steps.

10. Set Up Walking Meetings

If you can’t break away for a walk, perhaps you can incorporate the walk into your work. Instead of planning meetings indoors sitting around a table, suggest a mobile meeting and discuss business while on foot. Creative juices flow better, and problem solving is known to increase with movement, making this type of meeting even more advantageous.

A full schedule doesn’t mean you have to lessen your focus on wellness. Incorporate some or all of these tips into your day to keep your movement on track.

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