Wellness Amenities- A radical shift in the real estate arena

  • Wellness Amenities- A radical shift in the real estate arena

Luxury real estate used to be measured by the square foot, but these days it’s what exists outside of your apartment that determines whether you live in a luxury community or not. The focus in real estate development has shifted towards the buzzword of the decade “wellness.” In the manner that wellness has become the measure of fitness, travel, and a general lifestyle, wellness is the measure of a real estate community. Developers are responding by creating wellness communities that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering a diverse multigenerational and income population access to readily accessible commercial and public spaces.

While that may seem like a mouthful to digest, the principle behind a wellness community and its skyrocketing success is simple. If you offer people access to a community, the chance to interact purely with nature, and a place for physical activity, they will be happier, more fulfilled, connected people. In other words, they will be well. From community gardens to outdoor amphitheaters to shared walking trails, wellness amenities are the new cornerstone features of new apartment complexes and residential complexes.

The Shift in Residential Developments

The influence of wellness concepts has changed the way residential developments are built with a renewed focus on wellness amenities within complexes, developments, or even communities. Many new wellness amenities are features that previously would have been reserved for high-end gyms or spa resorts, now they are being placed in communities so that tenants can enjoy them daily. Treats that were once considered indulgences are now emphasized as components of total wellness and necessary for daily life.

The Global Wellness Institute released a report in October of 2017 that found wellness-based projects demanded 10-25% higher price premiums, which means there is a market out there for savvy developers. In the early 2000’s, the focus was on enhanced wellness in the workplace, and as more workplaces achieve the proper balance of wellness and productivity, the shift is moving into the home. People’s real home is the last piece of the wellness puzzle, and now the new movement is tackling the keynote issues of this new generation: loneliness, stress, sedentary lifestyles, and limited exposure to nature.

One developer noted in the LA Times that this means a focus on dedicated rooms based on community trends. In Los Angeles, for example, that may mean dedicated rooms for bicycle repair, yoga, or kickboxing. It also could mean rooftop gardens with areas designated for outdoor fitness, sunbathing, or grilling. Slowly the wellness trend is becoming rooted in modern mentality, and it is expected to continue to infiltrate the world of real estate until it becomes more of an expectation and less of a niche.

Wellness Trend Benefits Health

Outside of building attractive social areas and fostering community, the wellness trend does more than allow tenants to indulge from time to time. It is also leading to a healthier lifestyle for occupants of modern developments. Many new luxury apartments incorporate health-focused designs that deliver real results for occupants. Physical health is considered from top to bottom in these developments, including the type of cleaning products that are used, building materials, and access to fitness facilities. Also considered, is the water and air quality of the development.

The results are real, occupants of these new health-based towers are noticing the difference. The use of entirely green products, solar energy, and water filters improve the health of occupants. Those who have asthma and other breathing issues are most likely to notice the health benefits right away. Even those without noticeable health problems can appreciate living in a sustainable and toxin-free environment.

At the very least, it creates a genuinely stress-free environment that allows a person to come home indeed and detoxify from the world. A home should be an oasis, and developers with an eye on wellness are offering new tenants an oasis and more. It’s not an illusion, as many of these successful projects are already on the market, and more are on the way. From senior luxury communities to integrated daycares to hipster apartments, wellness is slowly moving into the view of mainstream society and people like what they see.

What is a Wellness Community?

Pulling all of the aforementioned comments together, a wellness community is comprised of homes and spaces that are carefully designed to help improve, maintain, or benefit the holistic health of their tenants/residents. Wellness development is one in which people can share experiences and experience physical, mental, and emotional wellness due to the presence of supporting wellness amenities. Spas, outdoor decks, shared dining areas, pools, fitness facilities, etc. are all wellness amenities that help foster the spirit of a wellness community. Amrit Ocean offers a wide array of wellness amenities to its tenants to help foster a healthy lifestyle. Contact the Amrit Ocean today to discover a holistic approach to modern luxury living.

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