Benefits of Living in a Wellness Community

  • Benefits of Living in a Wellness Community

“Surround yourself with those conducive to you being your highest self,” wise words from American poet A.D. Posey and appropriate philosophy for those seeking to live in a wellness community of like-minded people.

With much of the world still facing some variation of a “lock-down”, people are becoming more aware of their own community more than ever. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. This pandemic has shown us that if you are surrounded by positive, like-minded individuals, it makes situations that may have at first seemed impossible suddenly not so bad. This community of like-minded people, elevating one another’s lifestyle of wellness is also known in Sanskrit as Satsang. Amrit fosters this comradery of support by offering the tools, techniques and resources for each individual to use as they discover their Personal Roadmap to Wellness.

Understanding how to nurture and enrich the core pillars in your life: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation and Sleep will assist one in discovering the keys to one’s inner peace and happiness. Surrounded by a community whose journey is aligned with yours is the quickest route to achieve your ultimate destination: balanced longevity.


Amrit Ocean | Mindfulness, One Of The Five Pillars of WellnessLife is full of distractions, and a wellness community is designed to bring you back to the present moment, to assist you to live in the now. In fact, the Mindfulness studio at Amrit has programs to assist you to develop this skill. Learn how to still the mind, quiet the body and bring mindfulness into your every moment. There are constant opportunities to engage in meditative practices such as experiencing a sound bath, visiting the meditation garden, or dipping into a tranquility pool to help you refocus your thoughts on the present.

Amrit Ocean | Nutrition, One Of The Five Pillars of Wellness

It is a scientific fact that when the body is fueled with all the nutrients it needs, you simple feel better, have more energy and naturally make more positive choices all around. Amrit Wellness Experts can help create a personalized nutrition plan, whether goal-specific such as weight loss or eliminating toxins, or simply for greater energy and enhanced brain function. It’s not difficult to stay on track with on-site restaurants offering deliciously fresh and wholesome options. The Amrit app helps you continue to make good choices when you are out exploring the nearby amenities in Palm Beach, offering guidance and suggestions for local cuisine.


Amrit Ocean | Fitness, One of the Five Pillars of WellnessIt’s easy to understand how being at Amrit can lead to better fitness as there is an abundance of opportunities with a variety of movement options. A plethora of fitness and movement programs, allowing you to choose the combination that best suits you as well as Personal Trainers to customize a regime just for you. Certified yoga and Pilates instructors are available to assist beginners as well as advanced participants striving to reach the next level. A gym filled with cutting edge equipment and fitness terrace offers a workout with a panoramic ocean view, and fitness stations can be found along flora and fauna lined walkways. Of course, it’s easy to keep moving as you explore the beauty of the expansive beachfront, discovering trails and paths throughout this unique multi-acre property.

The revolutionary landscape and architecture design lends itself to more movement as it provides open spaces with fluid walkways. The on-site Amrit Easy Access Stair app offers notifications when a stairwell is nearby, in lieu of the elevator, helping you make small changes that can lead to a healthier overall lifestyle. Fitness becomes second nature when it integrates so easily into the culture of a wellness community.


Amrit Ocean | Relaxation, One Of The Five Pillars of WellnessAmrit’s Spa Professionals are well-versed in the art of relaxation. Ease tensions with a trip to the spa, choosing from a full menu of treatments from custom skin care treatments to bespoke massage, or engage in bodywork to alleviate targeted areas in need of ministration. Outdoor options invite one to take advantage of proximity to the ocean and spend a morning seaside. Amrit’s Sun Angels provide care by ensuring your skin is protected from the sun with an array of umbrellas, cabanas, hydration and regularly applied sunscreen. Sun Angels also provide a unique and natural menu of outdoor services such as solar-powered clay caress body masque, elemental hair protectants, complete with tension-taming head, neck, and shoulder massages.


Amrit Ocean | Sleep, One Of The Five Pillars of WellnessRelaxation continues once inside your living quarters in a wellness community. Soak away stress in a perfectly drawn bath through the in-room service, enhanced with your select botanicals and aroma essences. Wind down with customized circadian lighting synced to you, allowing your body and mind to follow natural cues, inviting sleep, just on your horizon. Sheets are infused with your preferred aroma, pillows are presented in your desired firmness, all the subtle ques to gently invite deep, quality slumber.

Living in a health-focused supportive community like Amrit naturally inspires one towards personal wellness with all the tools and resources needed to continue the journey to a more healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle.

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