5 Infused Lifestyles for Healthy and Happy Living

By Amy McDonald|June 19, 2019|
  • Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences offers a luxurious lifestyle with healthy living.

There has been a swift change in the way people are now viewing their life goals. In the past, goals regarding money, social status, or appearance have long topped the list, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, success has been redefined, and being happy and healthy has become one of the ultimate life goals, leading to a growing trend of people striving to achieve these earlier in life. However, health and happiness are not obtained overnight. It takes living with intention and having a lifestyle that is conducive to achieving wellness to meet these goals.

At Amrit, they understand the principles behind wellness and strive to provide the tools necessary to help get you to where you wish to be. Amrit integrates The Five Pillars of Wellness into their culture, using the philosophy to help residents create a path for growth. The Pillars include the following: mindfulness, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, and fitness. Each of these pillars are integral to holistic health, but many times, individuals struggle with one or more points within these pillars without realizing just how sizeable of an impact it can make in their lives. Amrit’s professional medical experts can help you not only identify areas that need work but can help create specific plans to infuse lifestyle changes that assist in strengthening each pillar.

While no path is the same, and individuals must ultimately find what works for them to create their own best self, there are a few places where you can get a strong foothold in the process. Here are five lifestyle changes you can make to start your quest for healthier and happier living.

1. Set goals and build a plan: Knowing where you wish to be and getting there are two very different things. The first step is to define what it is that you want to achieve. Be specific as it can be difficult to grasp what you are truly seeking if your goals are abstract. For instance, if you would like to lose weight, do not generalize; explore what a healthy weight would be for your body type, creating a goal that you can honestly strive towards. Of course, this doesn’t mean that goal can’t be tweaked later if needed. Then, set a plan to reach that objective. Work with a professional to set up a program that helps you meet milestones along the way to your long-term goal, reevaluating regularly along the way.

2. Engage in Your Passion: Take time away from all your must-do lists and carve out time for your want-to-do items. Set aside time daily to do something that feeds your soul. Don’t feel you have to stick with an old standby, either. Amrit’s Palm Beach luxury wellness resort is near an abundance of parks, preserves and other outdoor spaces where you can rent everything from bicycles to boats, making it easy to try out new and exciting activities. Have you been meaning to get together with old friends and loved ones? Use this as an opportunity to engage in quality time with someone you enjoy, feeding your spirit two-fold.

3. Move more: Moving not only increases your fitness level, but it increases mental alertness, memory, and emotional wellness. Whether you are engaging in a yoga session on the terrace, taking a jog along the beach, or going full throttle at Amrit’s state of the art fitness center, find a way to be active. Don’t want to break a sweat? That’s fine; take a stroll seaside or wander the numerous pathways throughout Amrit’s three-plus acres of green space. If you’re not sure whether you’re moving as much as you should be, take advantage of the Easy Access Stair Guide to keep track of how many steps you take each day.

4. Unplug: One step towards being more mindful is to unplug from smartphones and other devices for at least an hour each day. It’s easy to be drawn from the moment when an alert goes off, or a call comes in. Take advantage of voicemail and set aside time to check your messages so you won’t be interrupted constantly. Use your new freedom to engage in mindful activities such as a visit to the Meditation Garden or a relaxing dip in Amrit’s Replenishment Pools.

5. Sleep better: Sleeping better does not just mean sleeping more, although it is imperative that you get adequate sleep each evening, with most adults needing between seven and nine hours. However, the quality of your sleep is quite important and can have a huge impact on whether you are getting solid REM cycles or tossing and turning throughout the night. Amrit offers sleep-related services to help you make every “zzz” count. Learn about how our ambient light technology can affect your sleep and use your room’s circadian rhythm lighting system to create an environment conducive to deep, restful sleep. Take inventory of your bedding to ensure your pillows are your preferred firmness for ultimate comfort and choose calming scents to be infused into the room to help you reach the sweetest of dreams.

You don’t have to jump in all at once but commit to small steps towards making lifestyle changes. With time, these changes become your new normal and can help lead you toward happy and healthy living. Remember that you don’t have to do it alone; Amrit Ocean can help you in attaining your goals through its luxurious resort and the residential facility where your comfort and wellness is our priority.