Real Estate Mogul Dilip Barot Brings Luxury Amenities to Singer Island Development

As developer Dilip Barot sees it, wellness at home is the ultimate luxury.

Real Estate Mogul Dilip Barot Brings Luxury Amenities to Singer Island Development

With Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, Dilip Barot is bringing ultimate wellness to Singer Island.

Peace and happiness. These two words not only guide every move real estate entrepreneur Dilip Barot makes in his personal and professional life, but they are also the names of the two new oceanfront towers under construction in Singer Island as part of his Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences (

“We’re building a unique wellness lifestyle that combines inner science and modern science,” says Barot, “all while providing technology and support to enhance each individual.”

To maintain what he calls “optimum balance,” Barot (who emigrated to America from India in the 1980s and began his real estate career by managing and eventually buying motels) prays and meditates daily with his wife, regularly takes long walks on the beach and generally follows a vegetarian diet. As a live-better-to-feel-better enthusiast, he knew he couldn’t leave anything to chance when it came to Amrit’s wellness offerings. That’s why he consulted with experts, including Yogi Amrit Desai, the founder of Kripalu, and Sue Harmsworth, the founder of ESPA, for insight before developing the property’s health and wellbeing amenities. They all agreed residents should receive a personal support system, including a coach and adviser, plus access to the entire development’s $100 million worth of facilities and numerous programs. A space specialist is even on hand for those who wish to transform their units into full-on wellness cocoons.

At the end of the day, however, Barot insists the quest for balance and well-being is an individual journey. “Happiness is personal,” he says. “You have to find your own way.” Although he’s all too happy to point folks in the right direction.


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