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Singer Island: The Best Destination to Unwind and Live Life to the Fullest

With majority of people having to cancel their usual summer vacation due to the ongoing pandemic, this has opened the door for individuals and families alike to spend more time researching where that next vacation will be. In 1964 the New York Times called Singer Island an "Unspoiled Resort on Florida's East Coast," and remarkably over half a century later Singer Island is still relatively unspoiled and features miles of sandy beaches along the oceanfront peninsula. The oceanfront neighborhood sits just a few minutes away from West Palm Beach in the city of Riviera Beach and is lined with top-class resorts, open beaches, fine dining, and boutique shops. It is the perfect place to finally make that escape after the long months of lockdown to recharge and rediscover yourself amongst the quiet calm of the shore.

Wellness Amenities- A radical shift in the real estate arena

Luxury real estate used to be measured by the square foot, but these days it's what exists outside of your apartment that determines whether you live in a luxury community or not. The focus in real estate development has shifted towards the buzzword of the decade "wellness." In the manner that wellness has become the measure of fitness, travel, and a general lifestyle, wellness is the measure of a real estate community. Developers are responding by creating wellness communities that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering a diverse multigenerational and income population access to readily accessible commercial and public spaces.