Best Things to do While Visiting Singer Island, FL

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One of the most restricting aspects of this pandemic is how it has impacted our day-to-day activities. Now, more than ever, people are finding ways to enjoy the outdoors in its most natural state, which is just one of the many ways Amrit can assist in improving your overall wellness journey. Once you have settled into Amrit and familiarized yourself with the many activities offered on-site, set up a few excursions to fully experience Singer Island, FL. Get a taste of what the area offers, and you will understand why it’s conducive to a wellness lifestyle. Here are the best things to do while visiting Singer Island.

Hit the Beach

We’d be remiss if we didn’t immediately mention the beaches. With miles of quiet, pristine stretches of white sandy beaches you can enjoy long, tranquil walks or even nap uninterrupted seaside, letting the crashing waves lull you into a deep state of relaxation. With seven miles of beaches, it is not difficult to find your own secluded nook.

MacArthur State Park

Best Things to do While Visiting Singer Island, FLCheck out John D. MacArthur Beach State Park to immerse yourself in a subtropical coastal habitat with all sorts of eco-adventures awaiting. The park boasts a stretch of almost two miles of beautiful shoreline and crystal blue water. If you’re looking for water sports, this is the place to scuba, snorkel, or kayak to your heart’s desire. If you’d like to stick to land, the mangrove forest offers a gorgeous array of winding trails. Fill your soul with music in a magnificently scenic venue at the outdoor concerts offered in both the daytime and under the moonlight.

Lake Worth Lagoon

This “eco-marvel” is an urban estuary that covers a 20-mile stretch. Salt water mixes with fresh water in this unique protected land, which allows for an amazing crop of animals and plants to thrive. Spend a day animal-watching from a kayak and check out the hundreds of species of fish, sea turtles, exotic animals wandering in from the ocean, and the plethora of different birds. Spend a few hours on the trails hiking, biking, or simply taking a stroll through the land. Enjoy nature but want to get in a few rounds of golf while you do it? Check out the lush course at Lake Worth for a round with a stunning backdrop.

Ocean Reef Park

Best Things to do While Visiting Singer Island, FLIf you are a fan of snorkeling, be sure to check out the reef at Ocean Reef Park. Close to the shore, this is a great place to explore, especially for newcomers. The park offers free admission and parking, as well as lifeguards. Once back on land, stroll through the dune ecosystem via the boardwalk. The park also offers on-site picnic areas, grills, and a pavilion, making it the perfect place for a full-day outing.

Eat and Shop

Singer Island is known for its high-end restaurants with cutting edge cuisine. However, there are also plenty of local eateries dotting the region with reputations just as stellar. Use the Amrit App to help navigate the eateries of the area and to find foods that help you stick with your nutritional plan while delighting your taste buds. Once fed, wander around the slew of shops. You can find anything from eclectic boutique stores to large outlets.

Get on the Water

Best Things to do While Visiting Singer Island, FLIf you enjoy being on the water, this is your place. Whether you want to keep it simple and stick to a paddle board or go bigger and spend the day on a sail boat, Singer Island has you covered. Have a group of friends with you for the day? Consider renting a pontoon. Just you and a buddy? Perhaps a pair of wave runners will do the trick. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, give flyboarding a go. That’s when you strap into a hydro flighting device, which propels you into the air with jet nozzles, allowing you to fly over the waves.

Singer Island, FL, offers locals and visitors alike plenty to see, do, and explore. Amrit residents have easy access to this little seaside gem, with many of its activities and destinations only minutes away.