The Amrit lifestyle unites Eastern principles and Western luxury to promote mindful living with unlimited potential.

An idyllic union of purpose and place, rising from the pristine Atlantic shoreline of Palm Beach County’s picturesque Singer Island, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences offers residents and guests a secluded, natural setting for the pursuit of mindful, balanced living.

Wellness For Life

It’s a philosophy of time-honored traditions that create harmony and balance by connecting the quality of our life with our health—physically, mentally and emotionally.

Amrit translates to the Elixir of Life.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences inspires one to live every day, savoring every moment. From inner wellness to outer beauty, to live life to the fullest, in balance and harmony, with vitality and tranquility. Our experts and programs are available to guide one on an individual path to wellness for life. Amrit’s philosophy is simple: Uniting the ancient inner science of the East with the modern comfort and technology of the West equates to living a balanced life. Amrit’s wellness approach is supported by the time-honored science of the Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga, which helps people achieve congruity in terms of thoughts, words, and actions and is supported by the Five Pillars of Wellness: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation, and Sleep. Integral to achieving this congruity, Patanjali Yoga, practiced at one’s unique level of ability, is the method that creates a complete alignment of body, mind, and spirit.

Based on this, Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences has created an innovative model that educates about life sciences and offers the ways and means to apply this knowledge, enhanced through the focus on an area of wellness that needs to be brought into balance. Through practice, technology, and expert guidance, the result is a complete alignment of balanced wellness for the body, mind, and spirit.

Patanjali Yoga

The heart of Patanjali’s teachings is the Eightfold Path of Yoga. It is also called the Eight Limbs of Patanjali because they intertwine like the branches of a tree in the forest Patanjali’s suggestions for living a better-balanced life through the practice of yoga.

YAMA: Yama is social behavior; how you treat others and the world around you. It includes general human principles like not causing harm to any creature by thought or deed, incorporating an honest and truthful way of life by not cheating, not stealing and freeing oneself from greed and material wants.

NIYAMA: Niyama is inner discipline and responsibility; how we treat ourselves. By practicing the principles of Niyama, you achieve purity of body and mind. It helps to develop contentment by developing satisfaction with what one has, body discipline, mental control and helps achieve a greater awakening.

ASANA: Asana is Discipline of the Body; rules and postures to keep it disease-free and for preserving vital energy. Correct postures are a physical aid to meditation, for they control the limbs and nervous system and prevent them from producing disturbances.

PRANAYAMA: Pranayama is Control of Breath. Beneficial to health, steadies the body and is highly conducive to the concentration of the mind.

PRATYADHARA: Pratayahara is the withdrawal of senses from their external objects, or “gaining mastery over external influences.”

DHARANA: Dharana is the concentration of the mind upon a physical object, such as a candle flame or a lamp, and gently pushing away superfluous thoughts.

DHYANA: Dhyana is uninterrupted meditation without an object. Concentration (dharana) leads to the state of meditation. The goal of meditation is not unconsciousness or nothingness. It is heightened awareness and oneness with the universe.

SAMADHI: The ultimate goal of the eightfold path to yoga is Samadhi or absolute bliss. This is pure contemplation, super-consciousness, in which you and the universe are one. It is said that those who have achieved samadhi are enlightened.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences invites to you to cultivate healthy habits that will bring you peace, happiness, and wellness for life.

The Five Pillars of Wellness

Amrit’s philosophy of The Five Pillars of Wellness is to guide individuals through a personalized journey of healthy practices that culminate in their own wellness for life. The Pillars each have their specific focus and blend together to create a unique offering of wellness practices to suit each of Amrit’s residents and guests needs.

Whilst the Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga are the map to living a balanced life, The Five Pillars of Wellness can be viewed as the path, constantly adapting to improve one’s journey to wellness for life. They are fluid, with each contributing to the wellness of the individual. The focus of the Five Pillars will change, based on goals and needs, with each Pillar contributing to one’s Personal Roadmap to Wellness for Life.


The ability to appreciate being in the present moment is something to which most aspire. Too often we invite stress by reliving the past or worrying about the future. With the practice of Mindfulness, one may move past pain, stress, and anxiety to live with happiness and wellness. Practices that encourage being in the now include:

  • Experience Conscious Living practices of meditation in Amrit’s Mindfulness Meditation Studio and the science of Patanjali Yoga on our Yoga Terrace or Studio.
  • Specialized breath work techniques to train your mind to be focused offered by acclaimed Amrit Wellness leaders.
  • Sound Baths, acoustic resonance and more utilizing calming sounds, special instruments and visualizations to encourage living in the present moment.


The ancient sages have known for centuries the importance of eating clean and healthful—good food is wise medicine. Fast forward to current times and we have the knowledge and means to create health through our nutritional choices for everything from gluten issues to allergies.

  • Gut Health has a profound effect on our wellness. Functional medicine believes that every system in the body is connected and at the center of it all is the gut. By identifying the right food program through removal of irritant foods, replacing this with good foods, restoring beneficial bacteria and repairing the digestive system with proper nutrients, many health issues can be overcome. Amrit’s Nutritionists will guide our residents and guests on the best choices from our Organic Cafe or Farm to Table Restaurant.
  • Ayurvedic Recipes are time-honored proven and enjoyable ways to support individual nutritional needs. The use of specific spices to enhance both the east of food and to balance what the body needs is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic dining. Once one understands their imbalance, one naturally gravitates towards the spice that will support their personal wellness needs.


The adage ‘beauty comes from within’ is relevant now more than ever. Looking beautiful, fit and transcending perceptions of age through natural means. Fitness and beauty go deeper to affect all our senses as we see, feel, hear, smell and taste it. Having the glow of inner health to reflect the strength of the body to look at the complete embodiment of well-beauty is the focus of our this Pillar:

  • The new beautify aesthetic uses yoga, meditation and exercise as a path to health and to nurture the body from the inside out. Amrit’s state of the art fitness center, Pilates Studio, Indoor Yoga Studio, and outdoor Yoga Terrace will provide the space in which to practice the union of mind/body.
  • Amrit’s 3 ½ acres of green space with flora and fauna lined pathways is designed to encourage walking, specially located fitness stations to enjoy the fresh ocean air as you stay fit and the Meditation Garden for quiet moments.
  • Inner organ strength for the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and spleen can be achieved through a variety of fitness modalities such as breath work, yoga, Qi Qong, to name a few of the daily practices available at Amrit.


The most popular of the Five Pillars, Relaxation is perhaps also the most enjoyable practice: spa treatments, However, truly letting go and allowing one’s self to be open to the healing properties of deep relaxation is an art most of use need help with.

  • Massage and bodywork will help to physically allow the release of tension and alleviate minor aches and pains. Looking deeper into authentic body work for transformational services connecting the mind/body alignment to achieve amazing results through deeper practices like Myofascial Release, Thai Massage and sessions in Amrit’s Authentic Hamam.
  • Aromatherapy is the science of scent using authentic natural essential oils which work through our olfactory cortex in the brain which tells us how the aroma makes us feel or what it reminds us of. Experiencing aromas that make us feel good, safe and restful will influence our body to relax. Aroma’s selected by you and for you for use in your living space or during facial, massage, and body treatments ensures a level of release needed for true rejuvenation and renewal.


Addressing the need for restoration of one’s self to live anew each day through restful sleep is the goal of this Pillar. Countless studies affirm the positive effects of sleep health in areas from weight challenges, medication reduction, and many other health issues. Identifying the optimum practice to ensure a restful night’s sleep is unique to each person and offers the best results. Some of these include:

  • Preparing for a restful night with practices to encourage release from the stress of the day and offered through Amrit’s Restful Ritual Bath Butler Service.
  • How to deter Technology’s effect on sleep, for example through Blue light education and sleeping in Amrit’s rooms specially appointed with circadian lighting aligned to your unique sleep cycles.
  • Yoga Nidra practice is easy to incorporate into daily life. It is a simple yet immensely powerful meditation technique to promote deep rest and relaxation to encourage sleep. Amrit’s select Yoga leaders will help you develop your practice to ensure a completely restful night’s sleep.