How to Provide Customer Service With Servanthood

By Matt Rocco|September 18, 2018|
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The team at Amrit is committed to providing exceptional service to its residences and guests. Please read what COO, Matt Rocco has to say about servanthood being the foundation for customer service.

The Strength of Leadership and Customer Service Combined

Many people do not know customer service is a leadership skill that must be properly taught and executed. Unlike other types of leadership, which emphasize an overt assertion of authority, servant leadership is based on using leadership skills to serve others. This involves actively listening to customers and addressing their issues in a timely and professional manner. Cultivating an attitude of servitude and leadership can be difficult for managers, but there are steps you can take to encourage your employees to use hone their servitude leadership skills.

Establish a Customer Service Vision or Mission

Before a company can begin to implement any type of servant leadership principles, they must first establish a customer service vision or mission. Having a vision gives employees something to work towards, and when times get rough, they will remember why they must provide stellar customer service at all times. Talk to your employees about what behaviors they should display (ex: happiness, active listening) so everyone will be on the same page.

Make Customers Feel Appreciated

Everyone wants to be appreciated, especially customers who remain loyal to a single company or brand. Encourage your employees to make customers feel appreciated by using words such as “please” and “thank you.” Always let your customers know their business is valued and it is a privilege for your company to serve them.

Monitor and Measure the Performance of Employees

As a leader, you must be capable of evaluating your employees’ performance. There should be measurable ways to evaluate an employee’s performance, such as providing customer feedback forms, sending out surveys, and speaking directly to customers. If an employee doesn’t meet your customer service goals, they should receive additional assistance until they are capable of doing so. When discussing the performance of an employee, always provide constructive feedback if you believe they can improve in a certain area.

Take Pride in Your Commitment to Customer Service

It is immensely important to take pride in your culture of customer service if you are a manager or supervisor. This shows employees how serious you are about serving customers, and your enthusiasm will lay the groundwork for integrating service leadership into your company’s vision and framework.

Providing customers with the respect and professionalism they deserve is a must for any successful business. By employing the service leadership skills listed above, it is possible to create an atmosphere of servant leadership throughout your entire organization while keeping customers satisfied at all times.