Amrit Ocean Transforms Singer Island into a Wellness Hub

By Dilip Barot|June 25, 2020|
  • Amrit-Ocean-Transforms-Singer-Island-into-a-Wellness-Hub

While we are all searching for ways to improve our wellness, lifestyle, and mindfulness during this pandemic, look no further than beautiful Singer Island, Florida. Just a few miles north of beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, Singer Island is an alluring and intriguing town. Though nature is undoubtedly Singer Island’s best asset, with its exotic white sandy beaches, wildlife and fauna to match, the Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences are a definite close second. The property represents a new paradigm of mindful living for health-conscious individuals or those pursuing the best in proactive wellness.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences offers residents and guests the opportunity to achieve and maintain the perfect balance of health, wellness, and mindful living. The property’s footprint spans over 7 acres and includes two towers – Happiness and Peace Tower – with 351 high-end units for both permanent residents and transient guests.

Amrit is at the forefront of promoting the wellness industry not only in Florida but would like to become the wellness capital for the U.S. The beautiful establishment focusses on the Five Pillars of Wellness: nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, sleep, and relaxation. Each of the services and amenities available to visitors is designed to perpetuate wellness and luxury experience. Homeowners and guests have access to a wellness coach who works with them through their stay to develop a personalized wellness roadmap that incorporates the five pillars.

Renew Mind, Body, and Soul with Exceptional Amenities

Your stay at Amrit is a chance to rejuvenate and refresh with the comprehensive wellness, fitness, and spa experiences available at this facility. The luxurious amenities in the guestrooms and residential units offer relaxing charm, scenic views, and the ultimate space for comfortable living. Each guest and resident has access to the 100,000 square feet of wellness amenities, including indoor/outdoor treatment rooms, 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness centers, Aayush Hydrothermal water therapy, and more.

Besides these amenities, the developers of this property have incorporated next-level inclusions such as built-in aromatherapy diffusers for mood enhancement, circadian lighting for improved sleep cycles and private yoga terraces to make physical and mental wellness more of an immersive experience for residents. Guests can discover centuries of holistic therapy with the ancient art of the Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga and practice mindful living with daily meditation exercises. There are many more programs designed to relax and renew the mind, body, and spirit.

Inspire Wellness

“When a group of like-minded, wellness-focused individuals live together, they inspire each other to practice good health” This is a statement quoted by the lead developer of Singer Island’s Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, Mr. Dilip Barot. While making a decision to start a wellness journey may seem exciting, sticking to that plan may not always be so easy. Finding your wellness squad for some encouragement, motivation, and inspiration is key. With a focus on not only restful, comfortable spaces for individual relaxation, Amrit also has areas zoned for social interaction where individuals can gather and motivate each other to continue making wellness a part of their journey. It’s just easier when you grow your healthy habits as a community, and when you go home, you’ll be a changed person with a game plan for living a healthy life.

Our Nature Our Health

The benefits of spending time in nature are many. Mounting evidence has established that trees, parks, and natural elements play an essential role in better health, reduced levels of chronic stress, and improved concentration. Amrit is situated near numerous ecological preserves, nature trails and parks, and exposure to such an environment contributes to our emotional and physical wellbeing. And what’s not to love about the quiet stretch of pristine Atlantic shoreline on picturesque Singer Island that serves as a sanctuary for anyone seeking a positive shift in terms of mindful living.

Nutrition and Wellness

Farm-to-table dining is another culinary wellness trend that guests will enjoy during their Amrit stay. Guests will have access to fresh, healthy, minimally processed, and eco-friendly food that brings them closer to their weight loss, wellness, and longevity goals. Hotel guests don’t have to sacrifice the conveniences of home, thanks to access to clean food and farmers’ markets. Our team of supportive dietitians, wellness educators, and chefs will guide you on this journey and help you achieve real results while setting you on a path towards sustained health and wellness.

There is a growing awareness among people of all ages regarding healthy living, and regardless of what one’s income bracket is, more individuals are willing to spend a bit more on their wellness, especially during the stressful times of Covid-19. People everywhere are looking to enhance their health and wellbeing and bring balance to their demanding and disconnected lives through wellness-focused destination resorts like Amrit. It’s so exciting to see how this property has transformed Singer Island into a wellness hub and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Wellness is the new luxury. Book a stay at Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences and be a part of these wellness offerings and experiences.